The Path to Choose


When you find yourself
at a junction,
two paths
or more ahead
and you know not which
to choose
to lead you
toward your greater good,
Sit in stillness
and ask.

The answer
that is true for you
will come,
often not
on your schedule.
Be patient.

While you wait,
use a trick
my son taught me.
In your mind’s eye
picture each journey.
See and feel and experience
each direction.

And if you still
have no idea,
well then
take the path more overgrown
even though
or especially because
your heart beats quicker
as a result of it.

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Carolyn Chilton Casas is a Reiki master and teacher whose favorite themes to write about are nature, mindfulness, and ways to heal. Her articles and poems have appeared in Braided Way, Energy, Grateful Living, Odyssey, Reiki News Magazine, and in other publications. You can read more of Carolyn’s work on Facebook, on Instagram @mindfulpoet_, or in her first collection of poems titled “Our Shared Breath.”


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