Affirm: ‘I am Listening, I am Heard’


A Monthly Affirmation

There is a spirit within each of us that animates our flesh, inspires our action and magnetizes thoughts into the space that is our “mind.” This month I invite you to use the affirmation, “I am listening, I am heard” to free any and all blocks that you have to creating freely.

Your mind is an open space. A prairie field where many things, and many thoughts, have grown and burned. Where some roots remain deeply hidden, some flowers show their color and some patiently await their divinely timed bloom. It is in this space that we find patterns. The movement and relationship between our thoughts and feelings are brought to our awareness here.

When we are listening we can hear the voice of our spirit as it directs each facet of our inner landscape. When we are listening we are guided to speak. When we speak we are always heard, always received. The most common block we find to creating the energies in our lives that we desire to play in is the idea that when we speak, we are not being heard.

Awareness functions as a feedback loop. We say something and awareness returns it back to us so we may hear our own voice. We see our own voice as it manifests into thoughts, emotions and circumstances, telling us more and more about our experience, our desires and our needs.

Our greatest need in this life is to be heard. To be heard is to be accepted for who we truly are and to be accepted is to be loved. Love is available to us in all moments, for the one moment is the essence of who we are. To be heard is to accept the moment as it is. From the space of “acceptance,” “passive awareness” or “receptivity,” we are able to cultivate strength so that it may inspire and mobilize us toward opportunities to express our truth in more and more fullness. With more and more colors, textures and tones.

Use the affirmation, “I am speaking, I am heard” to remind yourself that every prayer you send is answered in awareness and returns your power to you. We have the opportunity to choose, in each moment, where we put our focus. This is our true power. Just as when we relax our gaze we include the whole scene within the scope of our vision, we can choose to relax our focus to include more information in our awareness. In other words, to hear more of our spirit. “I am listening.” We expand our awareness.

With this expansion we see patterns, and they cease if they do not align with our intention. Our intention is to create love, to create safety, to create stability, to create security, to create fun and joy and freedom. We intend to create opportunities to share ourselves freely so that our gifts may be received and both heal and inspire those around us to live as we do, in the flow. With our expanded awareness we see our intentions, and we naturally clear the fears that have curbed them to create reflections in our lives of what is unhealed — the parts of our experience that have yet to be seen and accepted. We see the process of manifestation and master it in our state of exalted being. We say, “I am heard.”

This balance is our birthright. We all deserve to have our needs met, to manifest the security and support needed to share our truth and be both nourished and nourishing to those around us simultaneously. Remember, there is a place for you here. There is community that awaits your unique expression of the whole. You have never been separate, although you may have felt alone. You are being called now to come home to your body, to feel, to allow your thoughts to be and move and transform and inform your system. This is your permission to relax. It a permission you will hear in your own voice when you listen and you’ll realize, “I am listening, I am heard.” Relax now and find your spirit, the compass and infinite energy source that never leaves you and is always armed with the support you need to be you.


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