Banish Fear with Sukyo Mahikari Divine Light


I have PTSD. Diagnosed. Condemned for life to the Social Security Disability shelf. The reasons aren’t important. The cure is.

PTSD means constant fear. Depression and anxiety. Panic attacks exhausting the adrenals, interfering with the fight-or-flight response or triggering it so it lasts for days or months. When it accumulates into agoraphobia, I don’t even go outside.

A brisk, active spiritual practice is theoretically the antidote to PTSD. You cannot fear in the present moment. In all the spiritual modalities I’ve studied over the years trying to permanently “cure” the PTSD, I’ve noticed that a high vibration must be consistent, steady and constant for a person to cure themselves or another — just the same as with other chronic illnesses.>

My PTSD response starts off as a genuine legitimate response to a threat, but instead of a measured response, it triggers a low-level constant panic, like an engine being turned on at too high of an idle that I can’t turn off.  The trigger is real. The response is not practical.

My experience with giving and receiving light, six to 10 times so far, is that I am creating a brand-new type of PTSD experience. I’ve experienced knowing that my PTSD is being triggered, but my body is not responding with a panic attack. Divine Light is creating an alternative response.

Of mind, body and spirit, the mind was the easiest to observe. I felt the panic “shadow” reflected in my body, but my mind did not allow it to rule my vibration. Instead it gave me beautiful positive self-talk. “Not my job, not getting involved, not worrying about that old thing again, moving on. Moving on.”

Ordinarily, one such event could have set me off on a three-day fear/anxiety bender, or worse.

The self-talk wasn’t audible. It was more like a feeling that my mind turned into words. Like a whole group of credible, trusted friends, ancestors or angels talking me down off a ledge, taking my arm and leading me away from the danger of being afraid of fear.

Along with the very light, not-even-audible, positive self-talk is a kind of joy, relief and peace of the most beautiful kind. If I were to give it aura colors, I’d say pearly white, pink, pastel blue were swirling around me. I didn’t used to get “colors” in response to healing, but if I did get colors, in comparison the PTSD experience itself would be black, jagged lines, and blood-red panic splotches.

Synchronicity also has been enhanced. I’ve been manifesting more nice coincidences than usual. I smile when I imagine what could happen if I keep this up.

Sukyo Mahikari is the modality, the giving and receiving of Divine Light, the Light of God. I am not a Master, or even an acolyte, just a receiver. The giver follows a ritual, including asking permission to give the Light, channeling the Light, then give thanks for the opportunity to give the Light. The receiver is just the one being healed.

To be a giver, a person must have experience with the Light under Sukyo Mahikari, undergo a three-day crash course, and commit to practice as much as they reasonably can. That means being a receiver can help give another an opportunity to be a giver.

There are many ways to access Divine Light by raising one’s own vibration, with or without help from another. As Hu-Mans (“God”-“Man”), the key is within us all, like turning on our DNA. It requires the exercise of free will, and consistent attention, to access it. Being a receiver of Light through Sukyo Mahikari is the fastest access to Divine Light I’ve found so far to kick-start healing the chronic fear and anxiety that I experience.

There is no qualified giver in St. Cloud, yet. Travel is contraindicated for PTSD sufferers. But the Sukyo Mahikari results have inspired me to commit to drive to the Twin Cities, through the Minnesota winter, once a month to receive the Divine Light.

If Sukyo Mahikari can put a dent in my PTSD, imagine what it can do for ordinary fears.


  1. I too have overcome PTSD through Mahikari. My case was not as severe as yours, but when I had flashbacks I would hide in my closet to feel safe. I attended support groups every day just to feel ok, as well as weekly therapy (diagnosed). Then a friend started giving me Light. Gradually my flashbacks, anxiety, and depression lifted, and within a year of becoming a Light giver, they were gone. It’s not a healing therapy, but a means to change oneself on a deep spiritual level. Healing is a side effect of spiritual work. Wishing you many blessings on your journey. Contact Chicago Center to get in touch with Minnesota practitioners.


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