Conquering Fear


As spiritual leader of Eckankar, I get thousands of letters from seekers of truth around the world. All of them want direct and useful answers about how to travel the road to God.

Here are questions I’ve been asked about fears and how to conquer them.

Afraid of Losing Love
When a relationship starts to spiral downward, I panic. I can’t bear to see all the time and love I put into it be for nothing. Why do I experience this turmoil? Why can’t I let go more easily?

The turmoil of lost affection you are experiencing is actually soul’s desire for God. It makes you almost panic when a relationship goes other than what one could rightly expect from it. There is a lesson in all this, which is simply for us to trust the ECK, Divine Spirit, to bring to us the conditions that are for our best advantage.

When a relationship with a dear one ends for whatever reason, the Holy Spirit already has something to replace it.

The interval in which we wait is the difficult one, where our hearts cry out for understanding. When it doesn’t come at the very instant of our need, we rush about in a blind fury, as if that will make things better.

The Holy Spirit is already working things out for you at this very moment. But it’s not possible to say that everything will remain smooth for you from now on.

The nature of life is to face us with ourselves, until we are able to handle the problems that knocked us into the dirt yesterday.

The higher you go into the states of consciousness, the greater will become the problems you encounter. This life on Earth is a golden opportunity for soul to make important strides toward its goal of self-mastery.

Afraid of Death
I’m 87 years old and not a member of Eckankar. I am asking if you could help break the terrible fear of death I’ve carried with me since childhood. I want to have this burden gone forever and the assurance that someone will meet me when my time comes. I want it to be the beautiful experience it was meant to be.

Please be assured that your loved ones will meet you on the other side, so there’s no reason to hold on to your fear.

If you’ll keep in mind that love, and love alone, is the reason for living, it will calm your heart and free you from your worries. And, of course, I am always with you in my spiritual self.

A Spiritual Exercise to Help You Conquer Fear
Truth reveals itself through the Light and Sound of God. Whether it comes to you through an animal, by another person, or straight from the Holy Spirit as Light or Sound, it comes with love.

Many people want to know how to get rid of fear. Fear isn’t something you can be talked out of. The secret of getting rid of fear is to open the heart center.

In a heart full of love, where is there room for fear?

Love dispels fear.

In contemplation, vizualize the golden Light of God coming into your heart center, coming in so quietly and gently that you may not realize It’s there. Imagine your heart center reacting like the pupil of an eye, opening gently to allow more Light to come in.

You are also welcome to sing HU. It is a love song to God and can be sung by anyone of any faith. Singing HU as a non-directed prayer can instantly open your heart to divine love even as you sing. Truth will come to you, and fear will flee.


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