From Fear to Love


Spirit Uranus talks with a Spiritual Growth Group

Fears are love, too, and they serve you, for fears give you a possibility to confront them and notice that they are illusions underneath everything.

When you confront your fears, light and love are revealed. Fears take you forward in your life, strengthen your power and open your eyes, for they are very big possibilities, but fears can also close your life if you decide to choose that way. Then you do not want to see what fear wants to bring to you or how it wants to open you, for if you only concentrate on the shell of fear, you only take from that whole the force that locks you.

Fears are born of unlimited love and in them lives a dual force that is one and the same energy, but man’s mind changes it. Man himself controls the movement of his mind according to his free will and choice. This immense, unlimited and loving light can, through man’s free choice, strengthen him and open life for him. It can pull him forward or, respectively, close his life, for every state includes its equivalent, and man himself chooses and directs the state for his use.

Love asks: “Do you want to surrender to me? Are you at my disposal? Can I guide your life? Can I support you? Can I give my power for your use?” Every moment, state or thing to which man surrenders can serve, guide, help and support him through this cooperation. It expresses itself as new in every moment, and love lives in every task to which man surrenders. Man either chooses fear or does not choose fear, for, in itself, it is. There is no failure or success in it; it simply is.

Things simply are and happen, and man acts. A moment in itself simply is, and man chooses what is to be with his thoughts. Therefore, think carefully what you want to think and choose! Fear is a very natural feeling, and man might as well say to himself, “Well, this old pal came to pay a visit again. Welcome, welcome! How nice it is for you to remember me again. Goodbye for now. Come again sometime!”

When man imprisons fear, he imprisons himself, and when he gives fear freedom, he gives freedom to himself. When one sets fear free, one can look at what else that state has in it, for fear is only one part of the whole. Remember that underneath everything, there is always love, which strives to guide your life into a better direction in every moment.

Only you choose.

Set fear free and say that you do not need fear anymore. Set fear free by blessing it with love. The true core of fear is the thought, “I’m not loved, I’m not taken care of!” Apologize to fear for imprisoning it for all these years. Apologize to your body for having hampered its functions with the fear that you were not loved and taken care of. Free your body from this fear and see how your body lets go of the fear and lets it become free and disappear.

Also, forgive yourselves that you have received the fear that you are not loved and taken care of. You could not do otherwise, so set yourselves free with this forgiveness. After this, see how a light rises from all this and the light carries you and takes you to a gate. It opens the gate and carries you onto the road of light, which is the road of certainty and love.


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