Living Inspired is a Call to Action


Living inspired is a call to action. It’s active inspiration that brings you the connection with Spirit and your calling and purpose, and then moves you forward. You are called to move, to create, to engage and to live in a fuller capacity. That’s one of the reasons that living inspired is so important to your life and to our world. When you are called to action from the space of living inspired, you feel joy and exuberance. You are called forward onto the clear path to your vision, self-expression, service and your dreams.

This call to action, initiated by true inspiration, is a positive, generous, uplifting forward motion. You feel openings, notice possibilities and you may notice things that need your particular vision and expertise. The calling comes in when you are taking action, whether that action is to get going on a project or start a new movement to change the world.

How do you start living inspired so you can engage in your call to action?

What Lights You Up
Do you know what lights you up? I created this new quote, “What lights you up, lights your way.” If you know what lights you up, what brings joy, intrigue, fun, interest and passion into your life, you are being shown your light. When I say, “What lights you up,” I’m asking you to explore where your joy and interests show up in your life. When I say, “What lights your way,” I am pointing you to the path that already contains your light. What lights you up is your inner light, your inspiration, your connection to your gifts and to the divine. What lights your way is your light shining outward and the divine light shining onto your path.

Your Call To Action
So the lights are shining. What do you do next? Take action in harmony with your light. Initially, think of your light as your calling. Later, your understanding of your calling will become much bigger, more realized and more profound. So, listen to the calling, then take action.

When you are living inspired, you are in action. Go do something. Initially you may take a simple action. You may make some notes, call a friend, write a poem, donate money, sing a song, share an article, help someone in need. Do something that you love and that makes you smile.

Each time you take actions inspired by your own light, you are starting to live inspired. Then, let this expand. Grow, share and open to more joy! For me, right now, writing this article is bringing me joy. I can feel my own light and I hope you can feel yours. It’s a simple act, a call to action that brings my gift into the world. What do you want to share? What lights you up, that may, in turn, shine some light to others? I’d love to know!

In my book, Living Inspired With Lumari, I reveal the higher frequencies of living inspired that empower your vision, your creativity and the capacity to jump right in and create, lead and succeed. When you work with the teachings and wisdom of living inspired, you are able to bring your visions, art, healing, business and leadership into the light and into our world.

Living inspired is your call to action. When you are living inspired, your call to action becomes a gift in your life and an accelerating gift in our world. That’s one more reason why I wrote this book.

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Lumari is an intuitive life coach, transformational healer, creative catalyst and conscious channel. She’s the author of six life-changing books and many meditations and courses. Lumari guides her clientele around the world to live the highest path of destiny and create a Bigger Vision. Her Streams of Consciousness book contains richer wisdom and vibrations for your guidance and illumination. When you purchase this book, you receive free meditations and the sacred Streams of Consciousness Activations Journal for your journey. Visit


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