Whole Hearts


We all have broken hearts
Split in two
A deep sadness and grief
At the state of our world
Of our beautiful beings
What we could have been
What we were meant to be
We look for completion everywhere but
Looking for that one thing that will finally
That will fill that emptiness, that crack
A new job, a wife, a new spiritual philosophy
We exhaust ourselves from the constant
Searching for something and never finding
When will we finally have enough?
When our hearts are whole we need
We need only Being
We are Being
We are everything
And so what could possibly be missing?
Dear ones, the cosmic joke is that we
Already are whole always
Our hearts too
It only takes a complete knowing of this to heal
It is a subtraction equation
A seeing through of all that is unreal
For we are seamless with life
With each other
Even the distortions that convince us that we are
Broken, separate and alone
Are part of that seamlessness
We need only see this clearly and we are
Our hearts are whole
Our hearts are everywhere


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