Your Life: You are Meant to Enjoy It

Have you been hard on yourself lately? Let’s play a little game. Imagine that your mind is a smart phone screen. Every time a negative thought of judgment or self-criticism comes about, swipe it away. If it shows up as sounds, hit the deny call button and see it disappear. You can also change the ring tone on this imaginary phone to circus music to remind yourself that the voice of judgment is not to be taken seriously.

Go ahead and try it now with one of those pesky critical thoughts. Notice the difference. How does that negative thought affect you now? Perhaps the effect is less noticeable, or maybe it even makes you laugh. If you still hear the negative message playing in your mind, make it turn into a voice from one of children’s cartoons. It is hard to take someone seriously who sounds like Mickey Mouse, Popeye, or any other character of your choice. That feels better, doesn’t it?

You don’t need to try too hard. If this feels too hard, you are not doing it right. It could also mean that you are dealing with a strong momentum you have created in the past. If you had been stuck in negative thinking, victim-mode, suffering of any kind, self-deprecation, self-doubt and judgment, it might take some time to allow that old momentum to end.

Creating momentum is like pushing a train down a hill. It may require perseverance. First you nudge the train off a little, then it speeds up as you keep applying force by dedicating thoughts to it. If that negative momentum has been going on for a while, it might take some time till it stops completely. Just be kind and patient with yourself and know that change is on the way. If you are no longer throwing coal into that steam engine, the train of negative thoughts is already slowing down.

Using a car analogy, concentrating on the things you want allows you to move forward. It is like putting your car into drive. Self-doubt and negative self-talk create a momentum taking you further away from your goals, as if you were putting your vehicle into reverse.

I would like to share another game you might like. To make it most efficient, first we need to make sure you are “in the drive mode.” To bring yourself up to speed, think about something you love for a moment. This changes your state to the state of gratitude, allowing and receptivity. Stay in that state for 17 seconds, or take a whole minute or even three minutes, to revel in pleasant thoughts. When you notice a genuine smile on your lips, you are ready to start manifesting, because the positive momentum has already started for you. That smile, that thought and feeling you held onto for just a minute or so has just started the boat or train engine of positive momentum. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the ride.

As you make sure your state is positive (after taking a moment of gratitude, watching a comedy, or taking a nap), think of what you would like to materialize — perhaps a fun party, a pleasant conversation, finding easy parking, or effortlessly buying a gift. When it comes to shopping, once your momentum is going, it becomes surprisingly fun. For example, you may see an outfit in a catalog, and decide that you would like it in a slightly different color, and you would be happy to buy it for half that price. Before you know it, you find exactly what you visualized at the exact price you declared reasonable. The same process is applicable to finding an ideal mate or ideal job.

Once you become familiar with the process, nothing is off limits. Enjoy yourself and have fun with it. That is really the only requirement there is.



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