2020: A Calling to Your Flow


I asked the all-knowing souls who work with me, The Elders, what they wanted us to know about 2020’s energies, what we can expect to occur, and where to place our energies in 2020. Here is what they said:

People will be called to their flow like “siren’s voices” yelling in their heads. They will be able to see their paths much more clearly in 2020. In 2018, the energies were sort of stagnant. People were very frustrated with many things in their lives, but didn’t see a clear path at that time. In 2019, the energy felt like it got back in to gear, enabling people to start to see their paths more clearly, and shifts started to happen. Personal relationships shifted/ended, and people shed the things in their lives that no longer served them. In 2020 you will have much more clarity about what you want. Many more people will “just know” what they need to do, and will feel compelled to act. Some will feel their paths drawing them in like a tractor beam. The energies are now conducive for those changes to become physical reality.

The last three years were part of a “system” or a cycle, and we are now in the “getting on with it” phase, or will be moving into that in 2020. The energies being showered onto the Earth are going to be the strongest you have ever felt. These higher frequencies enveloping the Earth will help increase your telepathy, enabling you to receive your guidance more clearly.

We want you to focus on putting pleasure back into your daily lives, especially in what you do for money, or for a living. Some of your best ideas for work come when you are not at work. Don’t be afraid to combine a fun activity with an important work meeting.

Focus on sharing your bounty (and your time with others and animals) more in 2020. For we are all one, and helping in any way filters out to everyone. Beware of depleting yourself by giving everything (your time and energy) away, leaving you depleted, and with nothing to give to anyone else.

The energies surrounding the Earth in 2020 may cause you to feel more tired, so don’t ignore the body’s call for more sleep. This is of paramount importance, as this is when your brain resets your DNA and when we work to reset you to higher frequencies. This will greatly improve your waking life as a result.

I wish you all a wonderful and well-rested 2020!

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