2020 Energy Predictions


In the words of the late, great George Michael, “I gotta have faith.” This will become a personal mantra for many people throughout this coming decade. During 2020, a continuing increase of all things spiritual will proceed as more and more people will recognize their need to live a more meaningful life.

Many people are questioning their way of living, whether that’s focused on relational issues, political indifference or just the desire to become more environmentally aware. A collective consciousness of change is happening, and as the beginning of the new decade approaches, it brings with it a significant amount of fresh, vibrant, new energy.

One definition of faith is simply “complete trust and confidence in someone or something.” Whether you believe in one specific deity or several, the main focus here is about having a faith, knowing your faith and being mindful of how you integrate your faith on a daily basis. For some, this will mean taking a great leap of faith, by finally answering their soul’s calling. For others it will appear more subtly and gradual throughout the year. Either way, the message here is simple: listen to what is in your heart and trust in what you believe.

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