2020: Grounding Visions of Spirit


We leave 2019 with a close-up look at the relationships around us and how these reconcile with the future. There may be some situations and people that we need to approach differently as we see events around us through a clearer lens and perspective. Our intuitive abilities are heightened as we transition into 2020, allowing us the insight we need for this new phase of our journey.

As a collective, we are experiencing a reshuffling around not only relationships, but our relationship with life and material wealth. There will be more changes that make us question the meaning of life itself on a deeper level. This allows us to connect more deeply with our spirituality, and the well from which our new visions will take form.

The theme for the major part of the year is focused on laying down a firm foundation from these new visions and transferring the updated thoughts in our mind to real, tangible forms. This may mean something unique for each person. Overall, this process requires patience and persistence with a good helping of soul nourishment. As we are challenged in various ways, we will also be able to access more solutions. Still, the path ahead requires a degree of physical effort to manifest the spirit. This may require some periods of rest to recharge and realign.

We will be even more keyed-in emotionally to each other and feel very deeply the pain across the world. This requires us to have strong personal boundaries so that if we are called to be in a position of service, we can more readily extend ourselves to those in need. The elements of wind and water are especially highlighted, reflecting a rise in turbulence in the sea and coastal areas. We will need to find greater sanctuary in each other as we move forward together this year.

The latter part of the year will require us to reassess situations closely to gain greater clarity before we venture forward again. Otherwise, there will be much support around to get things done and initiate big changes, now set on a strong foundation. At the end of this year, life will look very different for most of us. We will be guided back to our roots within as we continue healing together as a collective.

With renewed vision
The quickening of mind
Carries us forth
To allow the new
To take form and flight
On solid ground

With renewed heart
The depth of our love
Carries us forth
To give and serve
And surrender to where
We are called to be

With renewed spirit
The fire in our soul
Carries us forth
To form the wings
That will take us
To our new home

…On Earth
In the Cosmos
Amidst all life
In the Universe
And beyond


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