2020: Inventing A World That Works


2020 is one of the most momentous years in history. The last time we saw anything like this was the 1776 era (248-year Pluto cycle). Before that was when Martin Luther broke up the Catholic monopoly and we began to become free to practice our own religion, without being barbecued.

The energy towards transformation is huge. The forces of compassion, justice, honesty and freedom — of serving the well-being of everyone, not just those with power — are unstoppable at this point. They only need to create systems that work, and communities that prosper everyone on a local level — and the world is theirs.

The powers that be meet the practical visionaries, the power of what could be. And behind them is the one Power that is, ready to manifest a sane world, for all species and generations to come.

Top-heavy structures will be losing their grip — the hierarchies of capitalism, socialism, theocracy, oligarchy. Economies will be decentralizing, emphasizing self-sufficiency no matter what happens on Wall Street, the military or national capitals. What is more important than laws are networks of support. People grab for money when they don’t trust community. The key are cooperative, global, self-sustaining networks where no one is ripped off by the system. They are small enough to manage, yet remain in global cooperation with all the other tribes and villages. They are safe communities that last. 

What is coming to completion is this: the wild tango between the dictatorship of money and true integrity and service, real-deal caring and cooperating versus trying to rig the game for your cronies, the gap between “We’re all in this together” and “My way or the highway,” and the entire period that began in the 1980s of “everyone for himself” and “there is no such thing as society” (Maggie Thatcher).

2020 is an armageddon of consciousness — waking up from a fog into what love wants and what harmony demands. What’s at hand is a rebirth of the sense of the commons, of extended family, of communal buying power to empower honorable businesses all over the world. The old world cannot hold, and a new story is birthed at this time — just as it was in 1776. The worldly entrenched powers will try all kinds of methods to stay in control. So being careful to not provoke the bear, but being in tune with the Tao, with timing, with grace and courtesy and flexibility, will avoid unnecessary messes.

In our personal lives, very similar processes are coming. It’s about the radical breaking and braking of old habits, so that we really feel we are living the heroic path, our true destiny, guided by inspiration, by our deepest values, by enjoyable relationships that create community and allies with whom we can reinvent this human story, to bring 5,000 years of evolution to its culmination.

2020 is the watershed year. The dark gets darker, the light gets lighter, and sleepwalking is no longer viable. Things begin to get very clear, and decisive. It’s the first major showdown since 1968, but even bigger.

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Richard Geer
Richard Geer has been a professional psychic and astrologer for 45 years. He has been featured in Rolling Stone and New York Time Sunday Magazine, and on radio in the U.S. and Canada. His specialty is mirroring the inner genius in each person, and the destiny that that genius was born to live. Contact him at [email protected].



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