A Pleiadian Message: Deepening Our Resonance to God Consciousness


Beloved ones, we greet you. We bring news of a building wave of unprecedented energetic light that is flowing from the heavenly bodies down to Earth to support you on your individual journey.

Behold the change of frequency on your Earth plane, for the divine shifts have begun anchoring layers of a higher consciousness life force within Earth. A powerful quickening is within your atmosphere as shafts of light are transmitting and birthing a new patterning of light consciousness. The full expression of this light essence is permeating and interacting with everything that contains a life force energy on Earth.

These higher profile light frequencies exploded onto the planet at the time of New Year. As this vast frequency of energetic light anchored throughout Earth, you were simultaneously repositioned dimensionally. This happening on Earth is part of the original prophecy from the “New Dawning” energy set in motion by us, the Pleiadians.

We are actively monitoring the energetic grids as they expand themselves in form and energy. Your grids have already begun a transmutation process. They are actively transmitting a series of realignment cycles through the Earth’s magnetic core, and while this is taking place the sun’s electrical frequency is expanding the Earth’s core magnetic capacity.

Magnetic energy
These realignment cycles have altered the magnetic energy within the core while generating an expanded electromagnetic flow. These waves are lifting a series of energetic veils on the Earth and opening doorways that have been closed to you as individuals.

These doorways give you access to understanding and truth, allowing you to become self-sufficient in gaining important insights into how you need to move forward with your unique purpose for this time on your planet. You will attain empowerment, which allows you to tune into the frequency for self-healing and life purpose within the frequency of this electromagnetic flow. This happening is shifting the components of Earth’s multidimensional nature to enable a deepening resonance to the God consciousness state.

This expansion of the core’s magnetic makeup will allow your planet to align fully to a higher frequency pulse that currently exists within the rest of this Universe, allowing you to have a more conscious resonance with the galactic community.

This expansion of the magnetic core also has created a permanent shift in the timelines on the planet. As these timelines begin to dissolve, old perceptions of illusion are being released. The illusion of limitations that had been set in place will no longer impact you.

Gradual process
The breaking down of timelines will be a gradual process to enable humanity to make the internal energetic adjustments within its systems. Those of you on a higher consciousness path will go through dramatic change at a faster rate. To maintain your own stability, it is essential that you utilize your heart connection.

As a result of these shifts, a quickening is running through your heart cells. You actually are a part, an integral aspect, of a changing energetic dynamic on your planet. You need to have the awareness of being part of this happening, not energetically separate from any facet of these changes.

Similarly, you are not separate from any element of this resident universe. Your unique, divine frequency plays an essential role in the full makeup within the Universe. So, as you choose to engage within your heart at this monumental juncture on Earth, within this Universe, you set in motion another aspect of your mission within the Collective.

Many levels of ancient, multidimensional energies will awaken through you as you actively choose to engage. This is the time for the re-emergence of your sacred components. There is a great need to let go and allow for this dynamic multidimensional personal change to emerge from within your heart. This process is about you re-orientating your self back to the place of a higher dimensional consciousness.

2020 frequencies
As you entered the 2020 frequencies, a sacred web encircling Earth was made manifest to support you, all of mankind and the life force on the planet during this next phase of transition.

This webbing is like an expansive net, an electrical, fluid form of light that encompasses all of the Earth’s energetic flow of life force, including the outer aura. This webbing will interact through your heart cells as you consciously choose to engage within your heart. This web is designed to support and expand your natural multidimensional reconnections.

You can become tethered to this webbing, which acts like an umbilical cord, and holds and anchors you to the vast frequencies of the God frequency state. These tendrils from the webbing are designed to interact within your heart cells, reactivating essential imprints of God consciousness within your brain cells.

These imprints allow you to fully utilize the higher frequencies of light consciousness mirrored by the sun’s rays. The webbing’s role is to align you to an ever-deepening, expansive flow of your light within your heart. Your heart is a like the bud of a flower, and as the petals of the bud begin to open up, they begin to radiate the pure vibration of your light outwards.

Through an interaction within the webbing, the expanded openings in your heart contain many sacred patterns that are being re-established within you. These patterns are multidimensional structures that hold the energy light levels of creation. You are, in truth, a pattern of divine light that is original. Your unique patterning fits perfectly within the sacred mandala that makes up the entire God Consciousness state within the Universe.

High-frequency notes
Your individual pattern transmits a series of high-frequency energetic notes that will draw and align you deeper to the Higher Realm component of Self. The very essence of these notes contains a resonance to the pure flow of light from the Higher Realms.

As these frequency notes enter your heart, they open up an internal vibration of light through their sound, which is recognized and interactive within your heart cells. These energetic notes carry the full expression of your unique multidimensional vibration of your Higher Self.

The vibration of your unique notes interweaves naturally throughout the patterns, which are evolving through you. As your pattern becomes fully developed and integrated within you, it inspires an alliance with others who have developed their individual pattern.

As you individually birth the essence of your frequency notes, these forms are flowing and resonating within the magnetic core of the planet. As your heart cells carry this new frequency note essence, you become the living transmitter to all life force within the planet. Your frequency note light moves outwards within the Universe. You are received and recognized by the collective energy within this Universe through your resonance frequency notes.

As you work within your heart consciously, these arising frequencies shift the vibrational energy of your entire heart. Their role is to bring you in alignment to the new wave of light consciousness that is anchoring through you from the web. This flow of pure light energy from the webbing is harnessed by you through your conscious choice action to realign within your heart. You can merge to this pure flow of energy to reconnect to the many blessings being returned to you now.

A complete shift
This entire process within the Earth creates a complete shift of consciousness. This series of multidimensional realignments is designed to facilitate the uniting of the heavenly bodies with Earth. Through this transmutation of Earth doors open, creating an enormous potential for the re-establishment of the natural perfection within your heart to enter a state of full self-realization.

This is the time for the reinstatement of your multidimensional abilities that are totally accessible through your heart — making manifest the possibility for the reopening of a higher level of purity within the hearts of humankind to unfold in this era. This is destiny in motion. The higher path is open right in front of you. This is an essential and natural turning point that you have prepared for, to fully engage with this new, energetic dynamic that is here now.

You have all been launched, reconnected and aligned to these new frequency settings that continue to build and evolve on Earth. Your heart cells have been reopened into another multidimensional framework. Through this changing energetic landscape on the planet, you are enabled to experience this level of awakening. This is a monumental time for you — and a pivotal time of transition for the planet.

The webbing process
A series of tools are open to you now to consciously utilize as you interact through the webbing. You must be connected through your heart in order to work with the webbing. The most essential component is your own heart connection. Remember, your heart is a multidimensional tool. The heart is your gateway to the Higher Realms and your pathway to your unique, divine guidance of God light.

The physical space of the heart is your full chest area. To connect, you must rest both palms of your hands physically on your chest to anchor your heart connection. Bring your awareness to where your palms physically connect to the chest, and then take a conscious breath. This is a breath in and out of the mouth. This breath, which bypasses the ego mind, does not replace the normal breath in and out of the nose. The Conscious breath says two things: “Yes, I am willing to let go” and “Yes, I am willing to receive my light.”

Place the conscious breath “like a soft wind” into the space of your heart while you maintain your awareness on the physical connection. Utilize this breath as many times as you need until you see, sense or feel an opening or response of your heart opening up to you. This can be heat, a color, movement under your hands or a feeling of needing to move. It may feel as though your heart is as large as a room. Remember, this is a multidimensional energy so it does not necessarily make sense to the ego mind. Just be with your experience, and try not to assess with your ego mind what is taking place.

Once you have aligned to your heart space, you are going to begin to open to the webbing. This is a simple, natural process. First, know that the webbing has already anchored and is interactive within your heart cells. You simply need to maintain your awareness within your heart and bring in the sacred sound, GRENTAH EE (pronounced gren tah ee).

Utilize the sound as many times as you need, and feel the building of energy and essence within your heart through the use of the sound. Use the conscious breath and allow a letting go within your heart as doorways open up to you.

As you create the sacred sound within your heart cells, the webbing will respond to your conscious choice action by establishing a deeper alignment to the essence of the webbing. This will activate the next stage process of awakening within you.

Know that you may see, sense or feel this response from the webbing within your heart. Continue holding your heart until you feel that the connections from the webbing are complete for now.

You can utilize this process once a day. Each time you activate this, you take another step forward.

This is a sacred time. You hold the keys to Home within the vastness of your heart. You hold the truth of your collective interconnections that have always existed between humanity and the rest of the Universe. We witness you as you embrace your individual work within the webbing and step forward to embrace your higher nature. Blessings, The Pleiadians.

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Christine Day
Christine Day is a leading spiritual teacher, healer, channel and author. Following a traumatic childhood in her native Australia, Christine was diagnosed with advanced Systemic Lupus at the age of 31 and given a short time to live. Shortly afterward, she experienced a profound spiritual awakening with the Pleiadians, the energy of which moved her to a place of complete self-healing. Since then Christine has been presenting Pleiadian Events, Seminars and Transmissions of Light throughout the United States and internationally. Visit www.ChristineDayOnline.com.


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