Affirm: ‘I am Supported’


A Monthly Affirmation

They say, there is no time like the present and indeed we must find presence now like never before in order to navigate the times. There have been challenges in our past that have pushed us to the brink of loneliness, obsession, self-pity and overwhelm. The tides turn now with the new year welcoming a source of energetic support that we can feel when we center into the present moment.

This month I invite you use the affirmation, “I am supported,” to remind your mind, body and emotional systems to reconcile with your spirit and find home again in the moment that we all truly belong to in essence. Please read back through my affirmation columns from December 2018 to present day to gather support for your understanding of the way that I am reflecting your inner-knowing to you now.

You may notice that I have assumed a tone in this writing that is more personal and potent than ever before. Indeed, I am speaking to your spirit directly now, one-to-one, across the seemingly limitless bounds of time and space to support you with poignant energetics encased in the vehicle of words, which your system knows how to decode, absorb and integrate.

There are challenges coming, far greater challenges than any you have surpassed, and they will feel vastly different as you meet them with more of yourself than has ever been available to you to experience. It is now that we lift the veil of illusion fully, remove the cloaks of expectation and belief, and feel what it means to truly be alive. We speak about our existence as being “the moment,” as being, “presence,” rather than existing within it. We are time, we are movement, we are the fluidity of the natural unfolding of reality and we are the hands that collectively mold it. It is time to feel our experience fully, integrate our past and meet the challenges presented to us with our full selves rather than fragments.

From this state of awareness that includes so much more of who we are, we find that we are well equipped to take on our challenges and can rest into the flow of life as we navigate the new. In times where logic fought to control the outcome of the situation, we put our hearts on the back-burner, saying, “Shhh,” be quiet, there will be time to feel later. The time is now.

It is time to feel our way through life. Each of us has a fully functioning intuition that is amplified greatly by the energetics that we are collectively experiencing as we enter this new year.

Use my words now and birth support through your own words as you declare, “I am supported.” You can accept every challenge that comes your way now, knowing full well that you have everything you need in order to freestyle your way through it and come out healed. No new wounds are created now if we fall into the support that is available in presence. This is a time of love leading us, of abundance showing us how to navigate challenges in new ways where the resources we need are here.

Feel you body, feel your feelings, allow your thoughts to be, move, inform and transform and you will see that you have every tool you need to make magic of this time and contribute the great gift of your presence and your voice to collective creation of our future.


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