Clinic in Bloomington offers Holistic Care

One-stop shopping for holistic health care. That is what the Bloomington Clinic at Northwestern Health Sciences University offers health consumers in the Twin Cities. 
At a time when people are seeking effective and cost-effective solutions for health care, the Bloomington clinic provides patients with an integrated approach to services and treatment, including chiropractic, massage therapy, acupuncture and Chinese medicine, lab, physical therapy, naturopathy and X-ray diagnostics. 
With about 18,000 patient visits a year, people know that when they come to the Bloomington Clinic, they are receiving holistic care based on the newest and most effective treatment approaches taught at one of the nation’s leading health sciences universities — and the only such university in Minnesota. 

“We’re training our providers in the latest and most effective treatment options,” says Mike Tennison, Vice President of Network Development and Clinic Administration at NWHSU. “What we’re teaching is what we’re providing to our patients.”
Patients range from children who receive care from providers specializing in family and pediatric health to adults and older patients seeking to maintain good health.  “It’s not that uncommon to have patients see multiple services in one day,” Tennison says.
“This approach ties into our university’s vision,” he says. “We are working hard to deliver an integrative care model for our patients. We’re building a culture of placing the patient at the center. It’s not about any one discipline but rather about what the patient needs. That’s what we’re trying to focus on — working together across disciplines and determining how we can best help our patients.” 

A patient coming to the Bloomington Clinic with one need, such as headaches or lower back pain, may receive care from of a team of clinicians for their general health and wellness. Treatments may include therapeutic massage, chiropractic, acupuncture and Chinese medicine, physical therapy and naturopathy. 

The NWHSU Bloomington Clinic is the largest and busiest of the 10 clinics and services associated with NWHSU.  Located on the university’s campus, it focuses on delivering the newest approaches in integrative health taught at NWHSU. 

The clinic is adding new providers, and at the same time it is rethinking the physical layout of its space, employing innovative designs for how care is provided and making sure it addresses patients’ needs with one or more of the many services available. 

“In addition to providing treatment, the Bloomington Clinic is a resource on for people — a place to answer their questions about their health,” Tennison says. “We are a center of excellence, where our patients know they can turn to trusted clinicians.”  

The Bloomington Clinic at Northwestern Health Sciences University is at 2501 W. 84th St., Bloomington. For more information, please go to or call 952.885.5444. — by Rob Karwath 



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