Intuitive Insights for 2020: A Year of Unprecedented Change


2020 will be remembered as a year of unparalleled change. The overriding themes for 2020 are the beginning of the end of the old and the age of personal empowerment. Humanity is at a choice point. The beauty of 2020 is that we are now able to consciously co-create our new reality.
Worn-out systems and structures of government, society and religion will dissolve. These structures took decades to build and it will take at least this next decade to dismantle them.

You will see great changes in how your life is structured, from your home to how you make your money. Inventiveness, ingenuity and integrity will be the cornerstones of success in 2020, along with personal responsibility. It is everyone’s responsibility to first change themselves so that we can create a better society. A necessary part of this dismantling is the unveiling of corruption in all forms. We saw the beginning of this with the Epstein case. Expect much more to surface next year, including corruption in governments.

As many things unravel around us, expect to see huge advances in technology and medicine. We will see free energy used for various purposes. Look for huge swings in the economy. The global market will become more prominent in this decade. Look to the skies in 2020 because there will be more ET contact. Disclosure is not a single event but many smaller events that will increasingly make it to mainstream media. Finally, in 2020 we will lay the foundation for the work we came here to do. Choose carefully, because the foundation that you build will be lasting. In fact, any of the new structures we put in place will last a very long time.

This will be an accelerated period of spiritual awakening, helping to dismantle the old as more people wake up to the truth around them. More and more we will reside in the emotions of compassion and love. As more people awaken and move out of mind-centered living into heart-based living, it will become easier for our feelings and intuition to show us the way. The heart is directly connected to Source, thus intuitive information comes directly to the heart, not the brain. The mind is like a hard drive, recording and retrieving information. There will be tons of new information coming at us and the mind may become overloaded. This may bring up fear. It is so important for us to listen closely to our feelings and trust them.

As I wrote in one of my books, “What the mind cannot comprehend, the heart already knows.” The heart (feminine energy) will take the wheel while the mind (masculine energy) takes a back seat until these energies eventually balance. Conscious communities will be the wave of the future, along with teamwork. As we continue to awaken, we can no longer believe that we are separate from anything or anyone and that what we do individually does not matter. We will learn that conscious collective intentions and projects become our greatest tool for positive change.

Here are my recommendations for 2020:
• Go with the flow. The Universe remembers why you chose your path. Trust in its unfolding.
• Allow it to come to you. For those of you who have been doing your inner work of clearing, opportunities will come to you.
• See the miracle within each change. Change isn’t always easy, but the changes coming in 2020 are beneficial even if they may not look that way at the start.
• Expect an adjustment period. Give yourself time to settle into the new.
• Stay in the moment while keeping an eye to the future.
• Follow your heart and use your mind as a tool.

The mantra for 2020 is, “Things will work out.” We are not merely closing a chapter on our lives in 2020, we are closing the book on who we were. We will be given an unprecedented opportunity to consciously co-create the world in which we choose to live. May love be our guiding principle.

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Joan Cerio
Joan Cerio is an internationally published author of three books, visionary, teacher, and radio show host of Earth Energy Forecast on BlogTalkRadio. She has also worked in the health and healing professions for over thirty years. She is the founder of Coeuressence School of Self-Mastery based on her first book and she has taught numerous metaphysical workshops across the country. Her ability to bridge the worlds of science and spirituality make her a popular speaker, workshop facilitator and radio show guest. She has written articles for Paradigm Shift, OmTimes, and InnerSelf. Visit, and listen to her Earth Energy Forecast podcasts at


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