Spiritual Insights for 2020


As the end of 2019 quickly approaches, our thoughts go to the new year we are about to enter. This is not just another year. We are, worldwide, in the midst of a great awakening.

In the following, I will share some insights from a Sacred Spirit Journey I did with focus on the new year 2020.

As I begin the Sacred Spirit Journey, I sense that my feet are bare and that I am walking in a beautiful nature landscape. I walk through a forested area and come out on a mountain side. It’s a vast wilderness landscape with lots of green and a stunning view. I sit down and take in the beauty of the landscape. I sense a feeling of aloneness, but not loneliness; and a feeling of peace. I slowly return to full presence. My mind also is getting a break from the constant information overload and mental activity. I feel how my emotions get stabilized.

My spirit guide is with me, as always, in my journeys, and he says:

“2020 will be a year of true connections of the heart. It will be a year of warding off created or manipulated emotions and beliefs, and going within, connecting with our heart and soul’s deepest feelings.

“Use discernment to filter away what is not yours or true, and boldly stand in the light of what is true and beautiful, of what is a true expression of your soul and of the highest light.

“Darkness and untruth has ruled for so long that many — if not most — take that to be normal. While many have worked on awakening and raising the awareness of themselves and of the planet, the form of the darkness that is being revealed as light shines more brightly on all, and it is unexpected and hard to believe — even for highly spiritual individuals.

“Spiritual awakening is not just about seeing and being the light. It is also courageously and fearlessly facing the darkness that had seeped into all areas of life as you know it. The mistake many make is to have expectations of how the awakening or the catalyst for awakening might look — even how your own awakened life and state will be.

“It is not just peace, living from the heart and soulful living, creative expression and unity . It is above all FREEDOM, gratitude and a deep respect for life. It is seeing beyond what we took to be the truth and then uncovering the falsehood and darkness.

“Only when you face that darkness while holding your heart’s light and the highest light close can you free yourself from the shackles that have bound you for generations. Only then can you be truly free.

“Your ‘savior’ often doesn’t look like you expect him or her to look or be, but you can be certain that he will be persecuted by the establishment who fear their power and dominance might be taken away.

“Discernment will be such an important word and practice for you in the coming year. Don’t blindly believe and follow, but use discernment and your true heart’s guidance.

“Stay connected to the Earth, create true relations, heart-to-heart, and hold freedom as a guiding light. Connecting with the Earth and with the highest light or the Divine, will help you BE that pillar of light, the embodiment of the Divine in its highest form that you are striving to be.

“May the year 2020 be a year where blessings are freely given and received. 2020 is the year of awakening and hope. You ARE that hope. Your actions will determine if the light or the darkness wins.

“Hold the light….”

I give thanks and end the journey. With this message from Spirit, I send you many blessings for the new year.

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Marianne Soucy
Marianne Soucy is the founder of HealingPetLoss.com and GiveYourDreamWings.com and host of the Healing Pet Loss Podcast. A bestselling author, coach and shamanic practitioner since 1997, Marianne connects with spirit guides and pets in the afterlife through her Sacred Spirit Journeys to obtain healing, guidance and empowerment for her clients.


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