The Clock Strikes 2020

The current state of the world requires a great deal of reflection. While the world is spinning out of control, the economy sees no room to step aside to funnel itself to improve the situation, concerned only with increasing its flow of exchange.

Meanwhile, the world is melting, choking and disintegrating before our eyes. The vital components of the ecosystems are falling apart and failing to keep up as humanity spins its wheels to get ahead of each other. Yet, we all live on this Earth with resources that need our support. We have become too accustomed to it being our caretaker. Instead of being takers of care, we need to care for our Earth.

As the world turns the dial into 2020, we are still in need of stabilizing our thoughts, beliefs and lifestyles and come to the realization that we have created this disaster. As systems continue to decline, we need to heed the warnings nature sets out before us. While humanity has always thought it was in control of the planet, it is obvious we are only inhabitants with unwelcome habits.

As the trees reach out to each other to hold strong in the soil, fires are wiping them and our oxygen out. As the Arctic melts, land masses are flooding humanity and species out. As whale populations are struggling for survival, the oceans are depleted of nutrients, and they’re being replaced with pollution. Yet, humanity still fights with itself, pretending another day is forthcoming while temperatures are soaring.

We go on with our days as if what we do does not matter. But yet it does. 2020 will continue with earthquakes, fires, floods, hurricanes, tornados and the extinction of species and organisms. Temperatures will increase, humanity will suffer, yet the economy will pretend it does not matter. Yet, it does.

We must decide. Do we, as humanity, want to live for future generations? For all those whose answers are survival, begin each day with gratitude. Go out to nature and reacquaint yourself with it, pick up pollution others have left behind, plant more trees, flowers and plants, don’t waste water, stop buying toxins that end up destroying our resources, learn more about species and organisms and why we need them and stop harming them. Wake up, get up and do your part.

We were all put on this Earth for a reason. Let us all take a stand for all life on this Earth. Only then will nature be able to slow down its fury.



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