The Energies of 2020


What will the energies of 2020 bring?

January: There is a sense of isolation being emphasized this month. The cold extends to more than temperatures as we experience a feeling of loneliness this month. It’s okay, because you are never truly alone. Spirit is here. Go within and find that Source to know you are never alone.

February: This month brings the emergence of warmth and connection. There is a trepidation as we cautiously attempt to reconnect with those we disconnected from in January. Take a risk. If you had an argument, make amends and extend that olive branch. It will be received well.

March: I sense tempers flaring this month. There is a hot-headed, reactive energy to this month. Be mindful of what you do and say. Make sure to ask for Divine guidance in everything you do.

April: We tend to follow the patterns of nature. The word I hear this month is “awaken.” It’s time to begin acting, putting energy into your dreams and desires. There are times to sit and wait for timing and times to go into action. This month is supporting action.

May: The energy of April carries forward into May. The fruits of your labors, all your actions, are felt in May. This is a month to see the results of the energy put out to the Universe in April. It’s a month full of joy. It’s a harvesting of the energy planted in April.

June: This month feels like a whirlwind. It feels like it’s over before it began and my head is spinning. Try to not over-plan this month, as you will find yourself stressed and struggling to get everything done.

July: This month, take time for yourself. It’s all about self-care. Do what fills you up and energizes you. We all need time to recharge in our own way. Relax and read that book, go for that long hike or bike ride. Go on that trip you wanted. It’s all about you.

August: This month is about finishing up what is unfinished or those things that have been ignored. Whether it’s a home project, a friend or relative that has fallen to the back burner. This month is about noticing what you’ve neglected or left undone and giving it your attention.

September: It’s time to get serious this month. The focus is work and obligations. There is little time for play, but that is okay. This month will bring the energy and focus needed to move things forward in any area of life that needs change or movement. It’s worth the effort; what you focus on this month will grow and prosper for a long time.

October: Because the Universe likes balance, your focus on work and delay of playing is rewarded this month. It’s time to play. Be around friends, family, be in nature and just enjoy each glorious moment this month. Go to that party, accept that invitation to dinner, take that trip. If it involves play and fun it is supported by this month’s energy. You can focus on getting things done later.

November: I sense a need to pack up and hibernate. Again, we follow the weather and nature. It’s a time to pull your energy in and rest. Feel good staying in, take a long bath, saying no to social events in favor of alone time or time with a pet or that special person.

December: I always call this the month of miracles. This is when magic happens. December contains heavy manifesting energy. Use this time to put your thoughts on what you want more of. Monitor your thoughts to shift away from complaining, for you will draw what you do not want to you.

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Eve Toomey
Eve Toomey, LICSW, has been an intuitive mental health therapist specializing in past-life regression and EMDR for over ten years. She has continued developing her intuitive gifts for over 20 years. For seven years, she was the author of “Energy Guides,” a blog focused on prevailing energy patterns to help guide and predict collective conscious experiences.


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