We All are Channels: An Exploration of Channeling, its Gifts and its Risks


Many years ago, I found people who channeled impressive. That changed one day. People close to me went to a channel who had quickly become very popular. I had an uncomfortable feeling about this woman, so I did not attend her channelings. I could not define it, and therefore, I had no arguments to tell others not to go.

One day, my daughter came home after a channeling from this woman. She had picked up entities from the event. The channeling opened doorways that allowed unpleasant beings to come into the room and they attached themselves to the people who were present.

I do not tell this story to frighten you or to tell you that channeling is not good. I share this story because it set me on a path to understand channeling on a deeper level and to see and understand its gifts and its risks. That was especially important for me because I was invited to learn to channel by a person who facilitated a spiritual group in which I participated for many years.

What is channeling?
My first questions were all logical. What is channeling and why are some people good at it and others seem to have a lot of difficulties? Is mediumship channeling? Is healing channeling?

The general tendency is to define channeling as a process in which people allow a being to speak through them. When we take that definition, there seem to be two major categories of channels: the ones who completely surrender to the entity they channel, while others are conscious channels. They remember to various degrees what they channeled, and maybe I define channeling more broadly.

In the first place, it is a way to take in information from a source, be it our soul, a being, an information field, or an object. It also includes the ability to translate that information into an action that is supportive for people, or into words in such a way that it becomes understandable for ourselves and people. I also like to add that the information that comes through has a supportive effect on those who receive this information. For me, channeling is supposed to be a positive activity. Therefore, a channeling needs always to come from the heart. When it is used to influence people, I call it manipulation or even black magic.

It may become clear that from my perspective, it is not important what the connection or source is from where we channel — if we make this connection from our hearts. What is important is how well we can receive information from the source and how well we can give that form through actions or spoken words. It also may be clear that I place mediumship under channeling. I dare to say that we all are channels. We channel when we heal, but also when we have an intuitive flash. The principles I mentioned apply, independent of the form of channeling.

The above statements bring up some questions that I like to mention because they are the basis of this article. The first question is what factors determine the connection with the source or being that we channel. Secondly, do we always channel from the same level? Thirdly, what is the role of the chakras in the whole? And fourthly, what brains are involved and how much do they influence the outcome of the channeling? Because it seems that almost all people who channel speak words, unless they give healings, the last question is whether words can convey the message that beings want to share.

In this article, we will look mainly at the condition of the person who channels and how this condition affects the quality of the channeling.

We All Are Channels
Can everyone be a channel? When I was in training, I asked myself that question many times because during the training I never trusted what came out of my mouth when I channeled. My mind got easily involved, and, therefore, I did not trust what I said. Now, I am looking at it differently. Therefore, I am going to repeat the statement I just made with different words. We all channel regularly. Often without knowing, we all are plugged into different information systems and regularly receive information. Most of the time, we are not aware of that, and therefore we do not call this “channeling.”

Anybody who does healing work is a channel because she/he channels energy to support the healing process of others. I call it channeling because we allow the energy to flow when we set the intent to support another person or persons. We may not think about this regarding channeling, but it is and falls within the definition I gave earlier.

When we look at channeling from this perspective, we may change our perception of what channeling is. Then, we do not have to tell ourselves that we want to learn to channel, because we all are already channels. We now shift the question to how we can improve the quality of our channeling, and maybe even extend this ability by using different forms.

Improving Quality
If we can accept that we all are channels, the question will arise regarding what factors are involved in channeling and how can we improve the quality of our channeling. We do not include in this description the fully unconscious channels. They are a specific category in which an entity uses the physical system of a person, temporarily pushing the consciousness of the channel to the background to prevent any interference. Still, the entity depends on the ability of what the channel can bring through. However, I have seen and learned over time that even the best unconscious channels to some degree influence the outcome of the channeling, especially during questions and answers.

But let us go to the factors that influence the quality of a channeling. The main factors are the mind with its belief structures, the development of the brains and how they function as antennas, and the vibrational state of a person. That brings us to the chakras.

When we talk about chakras, we can look at different aspects of them from different perspectives. It is good to make an important statement: The condition of the chakras reflects the degree we use our potential. They also reflect the degree we are master of the reality in which we live. We use only a small part of our potential. With the term potential, I include the ability to work with the potential of what the Gaia system offers us. Here we already have a key point concerning channeling: The condition of your chakras will have at least some — I would say quite some — influence on your channeling.

Although people can step out of their normal functioning and do very well in healing, as a medium, and as a channel, they never can fully bypass who they are and, if they can, for only short periods of time. That is why the most important aspect is to be honest with yourself, and not claim that you share the truth when you feel that you influenced the channeling. It is difficult to stay in integrity when people are expecting something from you that you cannot give. Be honest and share that. Realize that whatever you do, it always is meant to help you to grow and expand, and to function at a higher vibration. Therefore, it is important to be true to yourself and others when channeling.

Why do you want to channel?
The question is why do you want to expand your channeling, and, for example, function as a conscious channel? Have you asked yourself that question and did you give yourself an honest answer? I am sure your mind will give you a good reason, but what does your heart tell you? Even when your heart tells you that it is the right path, the mind finds additional reasons that originate in ego and do not come from the heart. Therefore, it is important to regularly meditate on the question of why you choose to be active as a channel or medium.

When you do a meditation with this question in mind, always include the following steps:

• Relax first by breathing quietly in and out.

• Bring your awareness to your heart. Realize that your heart is the place where your spiritual essence is focused. See this Essence as white light and allow this white light to spread throughout your whole system.

• Realize that the white light holds the vibration of unconditional love. Feel this unconditional love first for yourself, exactly as you are.

• Allow the unconditional love to spread out as far as you like. However, send it especially to Mother Earth who supports your physical system daily in every way you need.

• Bring your awareness back to yourself, and from a place of unconditional love, ask yourself why you choose to become a medium or channel. Whatever comes up, ask yourself how you can give form to it.

• Sit in the energy, and without attachment observe what comes up.

• When you feel complete, take a deep breath, bring your awareness back to the place you are seated, and open your eyes.

Look back at what came up and, in all honesty, feel into what is the most appropriate action for you. While this may seem to be irrelevant, it is not. For example, when you come from ego instead of your heart, even though the reasons may sound very good, the guiding force will come from your lower three chakras. That creates a vibrational state that will allow you to channel mostly, if not solely, astral beings.

While there are wonderful astral beings, many of them have an agenda and can easily pretend to be who they are not. Their information may have good elements, but often they also manipulate you into believing what you want to believe or what they want you to believe. You then will share these beliefs through a channeling. Unfortunately, I have seen too many examples of that. For example, many people who believe that they are channeling an archangel or an Ascended Master actually are channeling an astral being pretending to be that. Also, these beings often tell you what to do instead of respecting your free will.

Channel from the Highest Vibration
A key question that many people ask is: How will I know that I channel a being of higher vibration? There is a simple rule of thumb. Whenever a being during a channeling tells you what you need to do, you will know that your connection is not with a Being of Love and Light. Beings of Love and Light will always respect your free will. We live in a free will world (even though it may not seem so within the world that humanity has created), and beings of higher vibration will respect that. Astral beings may respect that to a certain degree but will sooner or later tell you what to do. Most astral beings will do that from the beginning of your relationship. As soon as you hear people saying “my guides tell me to do that,” you know that they deal with lower vibrational beings. I have heard this all too often from caretakers of crystal skulls: “My skull tells me to do this.” That should raise the red flag immediately.

Talking about higher vibrations and free will brings us to a critical point in mediumship. Mediums are often talking to people who are dead but are still around. That means that they are talking with astral beings. That gives the medium a high responsibility concerning what to share and what not. Even more tricky is that there are astral beings who love to pretend that they are the loved ones that have passed away.

So, how can you get to a state in which you can connect with beings of love and light? Or pass on the optimal information as a medium? An important aspect is to make sure that your preparation is optimal — every time you connect. Always connect from your heart, go to unconditional love, and set the intent that you only choose to connect with beings of love and light, or with information that is for the highest good for all in that situation. Never forget to do this, because your ego and being sloppy will make you an easy target.

Also, train yourself to raise your vibration and make that your major goal. The importance of this goes way beyond channeling. Raising your vibration is your contribution to the ascension of the Gaia system.

Chakras and your vibrations
Whenever you come from ego, you will function from your lower three chakras. That also is the case when there is any fear or worry. So, in what way do chakras help us to understand how to get to higher vibrations? Let us briefly summarize the chakras.

There are 12 main chakras. Of these, seven are connected to the physical body, and five to the energy bodies, respectively the etheric, the astral, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual body. Of the five energy or subtle bodies, two belong to the physical system: the etheric and the astral. That means that there are nine chakras connected to the physical system and three to what most often is called the Higher Self (or Soul fragment). Almost all people function within the range of the nine chakras, which means within the physical system. Therefore, the highest likelihood is that they will connect with astral beings when they channel. Do not see that as negative but as a stimulus to go beyond these levels when you channel.

The training to include the higher chakras is very important. When you raise your vibration in such a way that you channel from chakras 10 to 12, you will connect with beings that respect our free will. When you truly are connected with these higher chakras, you are beyond the risks and deceptions of the astral realms. These are the vibrations from which you would like to channel as an aspect of your journey to express your soul’s purpose.

The importance of the number 12
As soon as we go into the higher chakras, approaching the 12th, we go to increasingly higher vibrations and will, therefore, channel beings of light and love.

The number 12 has a meaning in itself. This number is sacred in many traditions. We can easily explain this sacredness when we look at the first steps of creation. First, there is the One. Through self-awareness, the two was created, resulting in polarity and duality. Out of the two came forth the three, creating the sacred trinity. The next step created the four elemental powers. The number four is enough to create.

However, and we are not going into details here, we need eight to set the creative powers fully into motion. If we want to create the full potential, we need the 12, because it is the first number that includes all four steps needed to create, resulting in the full potential. In other words, 12 reflects the full potential. The closer you come to the 12th chakra, the more you can channel from the full potential of what you can achieve in this physical reality.

The full potential in this physical reality is Oneness. When we use the 12 chakras in harmony, we develop the ability to function from a state that reflects Oneness. Functioning and creating from a state of Oneness is the expression of the full potential. We call this state enlightenment. In this state, the chakras are functioning so well that their colors are pure and together create white light.
While within the 12 is the One (Oneness) there is also polarity, duality, in the chakras. The chakras reflect duality in many ways, but we see it most clearly in the physical versus the spiritual chakras.

Within the chakra system, we also have the three and the four. We can group the 12 chakras in four groups of three. and they all have the Trinity, indicating the active, passive and neutral aspect of the elemental powers. While this goes beyond the scope of this article, it helps us to understand the functions of the chakras on a deeper level. The more optimal these chakras work, the purer the channeling, coming from Love and Light.

Chakras and the support of Angels
Each of the 12 chakras has a Trinity again. That makes 36 different chakras, and the 36 different chakras energies also exist on Mother Earth as grids and vortexes, indicating that Mother Earth fully supports our 36-chakra system. We get from the 12 to the 36 by expressing each of the 12 again in its Trinity.

There is an interesting aspect to this. Each of the four elemental powers has an Archangel connected with it: Michael to fire, Raphael to water, Gabriel to Air, and Uriel to Earth. Each of these Archangels has a trinity, resulting in 12 major Archangels. Also, these Archangels have again a Trinity, resulting in 36 Archangelic groups. The system is the same as indicated for the chakras. That means that there is a correspondence between the chakras and the Angels.

We now understand that to channel optimally, and in a pure form, we need to raise our vibration and purify all 36 chakras to their optimal functioning. We now also understand that through resonance, we have the Angels as support to make sure that we channel from a spiritual perspective for the greatest good of all.

Channeling is not for entertainment or to boost the ego. When that happens, we attract beings of a lower vibration. Channeling helps us to understand ourselves and stimulates us to connect with our highest vibration. It supports us on our spiritual path. It is interesting to see that the process of optimal channeling corresponds to the optimal functioning of our chakras. To get to this optimal functioning, we have support from both the Earth (the chakra vortexes: physical perspective) as well as the Angelic realm (spiritual perspective) through correspondence.

We can only marvel at the beauty of creation, seeing the interconnectedness with all and everything.

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Jaap van Etten, Ph.D.
Jaap van Etten, Ph.D., was born and educated in the Netherlands. He received his doctorate in biology, specializing in ecology. For the past 23 years, his focus has been on metaphysical ecology. He studies and teaches about human energies, Earth energies and the energies of stones, crystals and crystal skulls. He also looks at how these energies interact. He is the author of Crystal Skulls: Interacting with a Phenomenon, Gifts of Mother Earth, Crystal Skulls: Expand Your Consciousness, Birth of a New Consciousness, and Dragons: Guardians of Creative Power. He is the cofounder of the Universal Center for Metaphysical Ecology (www.ucme.international). He currently resides in Sedona, Ariz.


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