What to Expect in 2020


Veganism continues to rise. As previously predicted, McDonalds has rolled out its vegetarian burger in Finland to rave reviews and has expanded it to Sweden — and within a year, we should see it hit the American Micky Ds. Incidentally, look for some newly discovered bovine disease to hit beef herds later in the year, causing panic due to concerns of contaminated meat and fear of the disease being cross-species transmissible.

Trump will backpedal furiously during 2020, righting some of his wrongs, undoing some of his mistakes in an attempt to win back voters. Of course, it will all be without apology and he will speak as though it’s everyday business as usual. The 2020 presidential election will call for another Republican candidate to step up to the plate because so many long-time Republicans want to vote the party line — for anyone except Trump. There will be two more Republican candidates.

Trump will not be re-elected. The energy is around Bernie Sanders for the win as we enter into the New Year. Joe Biden’s health will require monitoring and there’s a strong possibility of hospitalization.

Disclosure is continuing regarding other intelligences and beings. Expect to read more and more about UFOs, alien encounters, etc. More movies and TV series will come out regarding paranormal topics. We will come to realize that what we consider “space aliens” is something far, far more strange than we’ve ever imagined.

Exciting news will come regarding stem cell transplants in many different medical arenas. Also, look for some new treatment for brain cancers involving electromagnetic frequencies. 

Spring rains will flood much of the Midwest, causing widespread crop ruin. When summer does arrive, it will set records for heat and humidity. An early spring tornado in Indiana will cause widespread destruction.

Expect the scandal to enlarge around Jeffrey Epstein and sex trafficking. For years, young women have reported being “brainwashed into being sex slaves” for noted public figures, including some past presidents and foreign dignitaries. They were pronounced crazy and ignored and silenced. The truth will surface. 

Idaho will be in the news for something to do involving a standoff between police and a small group of extremists.

2020 promises to be a year of exciting changes. There will be renewed hope and restored compassion and humanity with the advent of the new Democratic president. Americans will truly, again, start feeling a sense of community and generosity that has been missing. 2020 will usher in the era of an American New Age based on decency, intelligence, compromise and kindness that’s been missing the past four years under the current president. America will, indeed, become great again. 

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Celeste LaMosse
Celeste LaMosse learned to embrace the elements at an early age. She learned there is power within the elements, and how to work with them to create magick. She learned that every herb, every plant and every stone has a vibration and learned which vibrations resonate harmoniously with each other. Her psychic readings are accurate and affordably priced. She is here to guide you every step of the way. Visit TheWildHaunt.com.


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