Why Everything Is Falling Apart, and It’s Okay


An excerpt from A World Without Identity: The Sacred Task of Uniting Humanity

During the past several years, you have encountered many changes in your political, legal and financial systems. And yet little has been transformed. You are in the midst of great upheaval. Your president no longer believes in hiding his true motives, nor do many other politicians, who are transparent in their grasp for power. And so you see what happens when a form of consciousness is being pulled away — it resists.

You are witnessing the resistance of an older form of consciousness dying, and it is a slow and agonizing process for all of you to watch and witness and experience. You are in the throes of it, and it will last for some time. Even if you manage to install someone new, you will not be done with this process, for this process is not limited to one person, one party, or one period in your democracy or in any of the other structures you have.

You resort to thinking of this as a kind of bad apple problem in which one person, who is symptomatic of the issue, is removed, and then you find yourself wondering why that change has not led to the emancipation or equality or justice or whatever other value you are beholden to. No, that is not what happens. Each is just a manifestation of a particular vibration of that consciousness. It is being removed, it is being transformed, but that takes time, for so many of you are still a part of it, still asking yourselves the same questions, still relating to each other through the lens of judgment and separation.

Do not be persuaded by this line of thinking. Do not believe that you are failing to transform this world if a conservative candidate is chosen instead of a new progressive candidate. Nor do we say that it is better to have a conservative candidate win. We understand that the progressive candidates in your midst champion the rights and values of many who are not given voices, and this is to be applauded. Rather, we want you to know that the selection of one over the other is not evidence that a shift has happened. It is not evidence that a “war” is being won.

This is the wrong way to view what is happening, and that is what we must impress upon all of you — to be aware of your attitude as you perceive the changes in your society. For you fluctuate constantly, up and down, angry and elated, with every little move. You perceive each shift as some sort of indication of a front between two sides, and the movement back and forth between two halves, the right side and the wrong side, and it is this thinking that must be abandoned if you are to usher in an enlightened society. You cannot do so if you regard each instance as a victory or a loss. You cannot regard each and every vote, trial or decision as going into one column or another, or that balance emerges from there, with one side having “more” than the other.

Do you not see the fundamental flaw in this outlook? In this view of the world as a kind of balance sheet? No, you cannot win this war. You have to recognize that there is no winning; there is no war. There is only loving your brethren, your fellow humans, as perfect manifestations of their divinity, even if their words and actions betray that divinity, for they do not know the truth of who they are. Your task is to remind them always of their truth. And this is no easy task. Each of you must learn to see the world as a divine creation, as a world filled with love and magic, where what you are seeing is simply the collective manifestation of your minds all working together to create this playground in which you all dance as Light and shadow, and you are asked to see it all as Light.

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Patrick Paul Garlinger
Patrick Paul Garlinger is an award-winning author who experienced a profound spiritual awakening over a decade ago when he began to meet numerous spiritual teachers and experience higher states of consciousness. He writes to help humanity transcend the way we think about the nature of reality and the meaning of life. His newest book is "Endless Awakening: Time, Paradox, and the Path to Enlightenment" (Rhinebeck: Red Elixir, 2022).


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