A Pleiadian Message: Claim Your Light


Beloved ones, we greet you. The timelines that have anchored and stabilized within your Earth have set in motion a new era. These timelines have altered the dimensional settings and have begun to dissolve the experience of illusion, bringing to you another perspective of light consciousness, of Truth.

This vibrational flow of light unveils Truth from the purity held within the timeline, which holds the powerful aspect of consciousness that exists within your resident Universe. This vibrational flow interacts fully within your heart and aligns through the brain cells, creating a fuller connection for the greater potential of a higher consciousness telepathic communion.

A sacred gateway through the timeline has been forged open to allow you to move into another aspect of your self-realization process, so your reconnections to the Higher Realms can be actualized and made manifest. These openings are accessible to all who are actively, consciously engaged on a path of awakening.

All communities that are consciously participating together will experience a profound reset of connection and telepathic communion between individuals. Without the ego mind’s separating element, there will be a greater sense of flow between members. Creating an acceptance and a celebration of the unique sacred quality each individual brings to the community as a whole.

A remembering process will naturally begin to unfold through your community base. And within this process of unfolding Truth, your community will thrive. Through a dramatic shift of focus from your ego mind to your heart, there will be no influence of separation, and your combined hearts will be enabled to move into a newly found liberation and joy.

Connecting link
The intuition of the heart will be the connecting link between your community, and your intuitive guidance from your hearts will radiate outwards with a joint focus of light between you all.

Higher consciousness communities will carry a signature rhythm of a higher vibrational light from the Higher Realms. Individuals will carry their unique element of light within and hold the creation of a unique energetic platform to bring to their community, supporting the collective, naturally expanding the whole.

This vibrational light signature that each community creates will be distinctive and sacred. The combined platforms of individual community members will be a natural expression from the heart that interweaves and flows together as one consciousness, allowing each person to thrive and expand because of the connections that are created through the full, collective community energy.

This profile is a mirror of how the entire resident Universe has always operated in honoring and acknowledging the importance of the individual sacred imprints held by each signature light.

As the platform of combined energies with Earth builds, a deeper and more pronounced alignment will be made possible between the entire resident universe and Earth. Within the sacred collective God consciousness state of your universe, Earth can then be fully and actively embraced.

Through this changing energetic landscape of Earth, these shifts of the timelines on the planet are now possible.

Sacred light
Each of you is able to individually re-create a specific light form within your own heart, which up to this point has not been able to be self-realized. Now you are able to naturally interconnect through to the Higher Realms. This makes it possible for you to emerge within your unique energetic configuration pattern of sacred light. This is the moment for you to experience the flow that exists within your own heart to the collective consciousness of the Universe.

Your role is to experience and then explore aspects of your full creation light, to claim that which you are, within a single moment of focused awareness as you connect to your heart.

We, the Pleiadians, are part of the collective Universal consciousness that is holding a joint frequency between us to ensure the correct vibrational light is being stabilized within your planet as you birth. Many destined moments of multidimensional proportions are to be anchored within this higher vibrational timeline, which has been initiated and set into place. Those of you who are consciously on the path hold an essential aspect of this destiny within your heart, and this frequency is activated as you realign.

This process of opening to your heart is as natural as breathing. You have achieved this before and you can open up to a remembering process of this level of reconnection to your heart. The energy is here now. A doorway is being held open in the timeline for you to re-experience this process.

Fluidity and flow
Your heart has a pulse-like movement, and there is a multidimensional fluidity and flow between your heart cells. This flow engages effortlessly within the heartbeat held within the Universe, and this pulse radiates outwards into the magnetic core of Earth and within your heart cells simultaneously.

The Universal light force has begun to arise and flood your planet. As the sun repositioned itself to Earth, the energy of the Sun’s rays transmitted a glowing flow of pure light, bathing everything in its path — the Earth, the natural forces and your own heart cells. The Universal light has created a quickening, a higher vibrational life force to permeate throughout all living things on the planet. The essence of this pure light is designed to infuse deeply within the Earth, the oceans and landforms.

There is an urgency for you to let go of your human ego mind, to let go as you reassume your destiny role of your higher consciousness at this juncture within the Universe. The call has been initiated through your heart cells, activating and engaging within the element of your own multidimensional Higher Self. As you choose conscious reconnection within your heart, you begin to naturally answer the call and align to the next step of your mission within Earth.

Your intuition
Many of you are questioning yourself — and life — on a daily basis. Know that you can fully trust and depend on your intuition. You are being supported to align to the right path in the perfect moment. There is a divine timing, and everything has been orchestrated and is in place. No matter how things may appear in your life, all is in hand.

What is essential is to be in the moment. Do not look at anything from the past, or what is coming up, or even try to assess the situation right now through the limitation of the ego mind’s misperceptions. Simply be in the moment and open fully to what is in front of you as you align and are guided by your heart’s intuition.

You are being lined up for a perfect flow through a series of energetic events that are about to unfold very shortly on the planet. The energies were set in place in January to reveal another aspect of the energetic timeline. Maintain a focus within your heart, and allow your sacred consciousness within your heart to enter your awareness.

You must let go and Trust each step of movement in your life. The call is for you to be willing to claim your light and to begin to actively engage within the vastness of your consciousness from the newly opened platform of your heart.

Your heart’s desire
There are no real restrictions in your world. You hold the keys to the unlimited capacity to create your heart’s desire within the vastness of your heart. You are the master of your destiny, and only you can set in motion the changes that you desire. As you consciously claim this Truth by engaging your heart, you activate a wave of light that creates change in the arena of life that you have known previously.

The Truth of your multidimensional nature can and will shift your experience of living. As you actively engage within this Truth, your Higher Realm connections through your heart are able to magnify. Your heart is a multidimensional tool — your doorway Home.

Through the further unfolding of the timeline on your Earth plane, you are enabled to interact fully within the multidimensional sphere of Self. The timeline holds the gateway, which opens up the access point to your higher consciousness through your heart.

Your make-up is unique within the collective Universal consciousness. Like a jigsaw piece you complete the sacred mandala of the collective as you consciously and actively engage within your heart. We, the Universal community, support you energetically to return to your Self through your heart. However, only you can initiate the steps to actively re-engage within the higher nature of your sacred.

This process is all about you choosing to align your awareness to Truth. You hold the power to create the changes on your planet. As you individually choose to shift into your unique sacred power, you can come together as a community and collectively create and anchor a higher frequency of light within the multidimensional timeline on Earth on another level.

An awakening flow
The call is for you to return to the collective within the Universe and to once again take your full place within the God consciousness state. This action by you to consciously choose realignment opens up an awakening flow towards your self-realization.

The evolution of light on your planet is unfolding, and nothing will stop this movement that has begun from the vibrational light of the timeline. The energy of this frequency is like a wave on an ocean, rippling outwards, opening and expanding, creating illumination.

This light is unearthing the density, unveiling all that is not Truth. Witness the unfolding within the world and the seeming chaos as this heaviness and dense third-dimensional drama takes place. Understand that at the same moment, the higher realm light exists and can be channeled through your Heart.

Know that your ego mind only perceives the third-dimensional illusion and there is a total misperception by your mind about what is Truth. Let go and allow yourself to be guided by your heart. Be still and witness yourself within your heart. Choose the light of your heart and claim yourself as the light.

Change has arrived! Arise beloved and be seen! We are the One. You are the One. We witness you in your unfolding and remind you, “You are who you have been waiting for.” Blessings, The Pleiadians.


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