Finding your Passion and Living it Every Day


A few days ago, I saw a movie wherein the actor comments on the vain state of the actress and says, “What could death kill you, you already are a soul cremated in your body.” The writer in me quickly noted these lines, for what could speak more about the inner passion that governs and propels our lives! The absence of which is felt not only by the one lacking it, but also by others who meet him.

Each human being is born with a deep inherent purpose, which is beyond the means of earning money to meet one’s needs. Souls incarnate for various reasons, and the Bhagavad Gita, the ancient book of Hindus, quotes the journey of souls as a cyclic transition similar to changing of garments, each one learning various lessons lifetimes over lifetimes. To be caught up in the lull of the drama that often ensues life on the Earth plane, one misses the opportunity to invoke the passion that lies dormant. It’s the ability to enjoy the journey — the thrill of the rollercoaster as opposed to contemplating the end of the ride.

To be able to reawaken the passion that lies in every individual, one may consider simple questions to ask each day, the answer to which will require brutal honesty: If money was not a factor, would I still do the same thing that I am doing now? If not, then what is it that I really want to do, that which will bring me joy?

Often the answer is always there, just behind the judgments of what others may think of us or whether we will be successful in it. To live your passion means to be able to live from a state of overflowing joy that has no choice but to infuse its fragrance to every action you do, to every person you meet.

Why does Passion Diminish?
Lack of passion can be attributed to personal trauma or shock, or it could also be illness. Often the connection to one’s inner core is hampered because of challenges. It also has been found that lack of passion in one’s life can be linked to root chakra imbalances.

Here are three key suggestions for living a life of passion each day:

• Reconnect to Nature: Time and again, keep going back to nature, or if you have a garden spend time watching the flowers and plants. Nature has a gorgeous way of reflecting and reconnecting us to our true self. It is unhindered, unbiased reflection. Reconnecting to nature brings a crystal clarity of perception. It is like getting a reboot. It is one of the key steps to reconnecting to who you are.

• Meditate with Fire : It has been found that working with the elements can invoke the elements within you. In this case, fire translates as inner fire (of passion). Meditating with candles or an open fireplace or even a bonfire is ideal to connect to this vital element within to reinvigorate the fire within.

• Make a list of at least ten things what you enjoyed doing as a child. Out of those 10 things, at least three may be what you still enjoy doing. Note that this is a constructive and joyous action. It shouldn’t be confused with eating or any other chore you did as a child. Ask yourself, “If money was not a factor, would I still like to do this? Would I work every day doing this and be happy?”

• Is my action serving the greater good? Am I bringing joy to others ALONG with my joy in this activity?

The above exercises pave the way to awaken the light of passion. Following your inner passion may appear like an impulsive decision, but taking a step in that direction surely ignites something inside you. It’s a kind of fire that can keep you moving, that makes you wake up and get out of bed each morning and live a life that is inspiring — first to yourself, and then to the rest of the world.

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Dr. Kavita Sahni
Dr. Kavita Sahni is a life coach based in Mumbai, India. She is a Naturopath and a certified Rebirthing Master. She holds regular workshops and sessions on Life Mastery using different tools of Self Healing and Transformation. She also holds a doctorate in Applied Metaphysics from Italy.


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