Living Authentically


Authentic living is a process of knowing who we are at the soul level and then, essentially, expressing that soul knowledge out into the world. Being our authentic selves is a “work in progress” that fluctuates as we each navigate our way through the inevitable ebb and flow of life.

Knowing ourselves at the soul level can be a long and sometimes painful task. I often liken it to gaining self-awareness. In the long-term, gaining this kind of awareness provides us with a unique perspective for dealing with life events; yet, in the short-term, it can be perplexing and stressful.

Connecting with soul-level knowledge is about “going within” and paying attention to the subtle sensations that we experience, whether that’s seeing colors or images or hearing that still, soft, voice of our soul. In whatever way your soul communicates with you, know that it is unique to you and for your highest good.

As part of my spiritual development, I have embraced meditation and prayer on a regular basis and I have found these methods to be extremely helpful when connecting with myself at the soul level. One of my hardest lessons in becoming authentic has been centered on finding my true voice and speaking from the heart.

Like most children, I grew up as a devout people-pleaser and carried this behavior with me right up until my mid-thirties. On the very odd occasion, I did speak my truth as a young adult, but this was rare and only happened when absolutely necessary for the sake of my physical and/or mental safety.

At the time, I didn’t realize the negative effects of having an incongruent voice and the impact it can have on your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. For example, I suffered with bouts of severe anxiety and depression. I felt isolated, detached and generally dissatisfied with life. I wasn’t living authentically. Instead, I kept my real feelings, dreams and opinions hidden. I was denying aspects of my true self.

Frequent meditation and Usui Reiki have provided me with the internal space I need to connect with myself at the soul level. The foundation of this work focused on my throat and heart chakras, collectively and separately. In the beginning, it often felt like these chakras repelled each other and were unable to work together. However, with real intention and genuine openness, I gradually found my true voice. I gave myself time, patience and a whole lot of compassion during this process, as well as being guided by my Guardian Angel and other celestial/elemental helpers.

Time was necessary because I needed to “let go” of a lot of unhealthy patterns. Patience was needed in assembling my soul-level knowledge. Compassion was required for those times when I made a mistake and felt completely inauthentic again.

To date, this process has given voice to both small and more profound declarations, for example, confidently asking for two sugars in my tea ( that’s how I like it!), discussing traumatic memories with a counselor, and being able to unashamedly say, “I am bisexual.”

For the most part, when I’m navigating from my authentic self, I listen to what my heart is saying and allow that energetic message to flow upwards and outwards through my throat, through my true voice.


  1. Beautiful piece of writing 🙏🏻 I feel truly blessed to be a major part of your authentic life and you to be a major part of mine 💖

  2. Thank You, so, so much for your kind and heart-felt words – they mean a great deal. With an abundance of love and glorious light from me to you xxx Namaste xxx


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