Navigating Life From My Authentic Self


It is my belief that each of us is created out of an invisible “something” or “presence.” I call this presence, this entity, God — as do so many others throughout the world. After much study and research, I have come to know that it really doesn’t matter what name is used, but the ideas, the thoughts and the beliefs are all the same. One Presence created all. Since this entity is the single creative Source of all, then we obviously must have the same qualities as our originator. We cannot give physical evidence that this entity exists, yet there is evidence that proves this beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Because of my biological creators (my parents) and through their DNA, which has been passed on to me, I am endowed with the same qualities as they have. Our connection is definite, and it can never be altered, denied or deleted. We are unquestionably one forever. We are inseparable beings.

On the spiritual (invisible) plane is the invisible Presence that created me, and we have the same relationship with our Divine parent as our biological parents. I am (and that is my true name) one with that inseparable being, my invisible Creator. I am endowed with the same qualities because I am one with my Divine Creator. The only difference is that I cannot physically prove it.

We have been taught to not judge by appearances. So when we adhere to this advice, we understand that we all share the same spiritual heritage . By not judging by appearances, we know there has to be something beyond what our five senses reveal to us. My authentic Self is really spiritual, Divine.

Accepting this truth about myself and all others, we are united as spiritual sisters and brothers. So it is incumbent for all of us to know this truth. Hence, we learn to treat each other as such. We are loving, we share with each other, we forgive each other when we may have been offended, and we protect, honor and respect each other. And in responding to each other in this manner, we are actually seeing the Christ within each other — seeing the Divine oneness within all.

I had an opportunity to recognize my authentic Self in connection with a co-worker who had displayed an intense dislike for me. We worked on the same floor, and we could not always avoid each other, especially since there was only one ladies room and one copy room on that floor. She worked on one end of a long hallway while I worked on the opposite end. In doing our tasks during any given day, we would see each other but she always made a conscious effort to avoid me.

My response, however, was to mentally affirm, “I see the Christ in you. We are one and can never be separated. You are loved. We are spiritual sisters and brothers.” For about three months, this process was repeated daily. She continued with her conscious efforts to avoid me and I constantly used my affirmations.

One day I was alone in the ladies room, and she walked in afterwards. When she saw me at the sink, she looked at me and started talking to me as if we were friends. From that moment on, I had to cordially avoid her because she visited my desk so often I found it difficult to get my work done.

That was one of the first times I had experienced the shift of a situation from a negative to a positive one by being aware of my authentic Self. Since that experience, there have been many others. I learned that recognizing my authentic Self made a huge differences in creating joy and love in my life and the life of others.


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