Signs from the Angels


Second of a three-part series
An excerpt from The Angel Experiment

People often get impatient when they begin consciously working with angels because they want a big, juicy, explosive first encounter with their angels. If you are someone who is waiting for Archangel Michael to make a 3-D appearance in your room, giant wings ablaze and angel choirs singing in the background, then you may be waiting a while. Though I am a huge fan of big and juicy angel encounters, from the years of doing this work for myself and others, I know that the angels don’t always come through that way.

Patience is required when working with angels, and so is managing your expectations. Those are two big keys in allowing angel messages to come through.

Before I teach you the different ways that angels communicate with you, there is one thought that I want you to delete from your consciousness. This thought will absolutely block you from the reality of angels and miracles, so it’s important that you get rid of it once and for all.

The thought is, “That was just a coincidence.”

The angels are master manifestors, and when you begin talking to them, they will do everything in their power to let you know they are real and right there with you.

Your angels send you signs of love, comfort, and even protection all the time, but one of the main reasons you may not have noticed them is because you may have been telling yourself all along that every cool thing that happens to you is “just a coincidence.” This one thought will suck your angel magic dry fast, so get rid of it from here on out.

Let’s reimagine this whole “coincidence” nonsense together. Have you ever turned on the radio and the song that came on had a message in it that was just what you needed to hear? Have you ever had a magical solution to a problem appear out of nowhere just in the nick of time? Have you ever met someone in such a weird way that it just seemed to be kismet?

Take a moment now to think of some of the more unexplainable and magical things that have happened to you that you might have written off as coincidences. When you add them all together, they start building a picture that doesn’t seem like coincidence at all. These little things can happen to you daily. They can be large or small, and if you dismiss them, you are missing the golden truth: that you are not alone. Your angels are listening to you, supporting you, and actively helping you whenever and wherever they can.

From now on, know that every so-called coincidence is actually help and support from your angels and the Divine. If you master this one mental shift, your life will open up to a magical world that has been hiding from you in plain sight: the world of the miraculous.

Subtle Angel Signs
Angel signs won’t always look like what you might expect them to look like. Sometimes they will be big and loud, but other times they will be subtle and soft. The key to being able to recognize those signs, and to receiving the angels’ love and clear guidance as a result, is to tap into your gut instincts and your subtle senses, also known as your intuition.

We all have intuition, whether we are aware of it or not. Your intuition is like a muscle, and the more you flex it, the greater it grows.

Listening to your intuition and your intuitive senses is the most important skill you can learn in working with angels. Your intuition holds the voice of your soul, your song, and your essence. It’s through your intuition, your thoughts, and your feelings that the angels pass on amazing loving guidance. I don’t want you to miss this guidance, because you could be missing pure gold.

Most people in the West haven’t had much practice in flexing the muscle of their subtle senses, because Western culture tends to place a much heavier emphasis on logic and linear thinking than on intuitive, heart-centered consciousness. We in the West are so used to over-identifying with our loud, tantrum-like logical mind that we often completely overlook the awesomeness that is our intuition. And when I say “awesome,” I mean awesome!

It takes some practice, but if all you did was slow down and learn to listen to the still, small voice of your heart, instead of that wild pack of wolves in your head, life would go a lot more smoothly.

There is no better time than the present to begin learning to develop and trust your subtler senses.

Next month: How to Talk to Angels


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