A Magical Healing with the Gnomes: A Clairvoyant Healing/Reading


I am Kerry. I am a clairvoyant. I work closely with the ethereal world — dragons, unicorns, fairies, wizards and angels. I see myself and others shapeshift into trees, crystals, dolphins. So when a friend, Matthew Wood, posted about his frustration in a dream where a gnome in his backyard presented him with an open book, but withheld the words on the pages for Matthew to see, I immediately felt a nudge. Matthew wished to know the words, and the gnomes were allowing me to peek inside.

So with Matthew’s consent, here is a transcription of his recent phone reading with me.

The reading
Starting with breathing into the reading and affirming our spirits, I began by asking for blessings and communication from the gnomes.

Matthew and about 10 gnomes appeared in a large green bubble. The gnomes were excited to do a magical ceremony with him, walking in a clockwise direction around Matthew to move the green healing energy.

They were laughing with silver bells on their pointed shoes and one held up sign saying, “Matthew’s Life Purpose.”

Then the word yarrow appeared.  

“Stop the ceremony!” they exclaimed. “Matthew needs to write down a ‘commitment’ to ingesting yarrow for his circulatory system. We will wait.”

“Interesting,” said Matthew. “I work with yarrow frequently and I know it very well. But I don’t get around to ingesting the drops for myself. I’ve thought about it many times.”

Matthew wrote down: Yarrow.  I will take a tincture of yarrow, two drops twice a day for two months.

Deep breath. Now the gnomes were ready to stand up from their seated waiting positions to continue their ceremony. Deer, Raccoon, Badger and Hedgehog came from the woods and walked along on the outside of the ring.

With an excess of “wood” energy showing up in Matthew’s heart, Badger offered to take and release the excess back into the forest’s black soil. Matthew’s heart was cleared — and he began transforming into a tree. Leaves were sprouting out of his branches, and wisdom was able to flow in.

It was at this time that the gnomes presented Matthew with his very large leather-bound book. Appearing in the trunk of Matthew’s body, the title was “Wisdom.”

The gnomes opened it to a yellow chapter called Alchemy. Words floated off the page. “Plant spirit medicine.” They wanted him to connect with the spirit of yarrow, saying it would bring in happiness.

Then they turned to an orange page, the Spirit of Bergamot. He is to put the essential oil into orange juice to imbibe in the spirit of the juice.

Turning to a blue page, the title was Depression. They wanted to create an alchemy to release Matthew’s depression.

Holding a blue, glass ball, Matthew was to manifest releasing energies into the ball that no longer served him — and offer them up into the sky.

A white page was next. Matthew was shown growing as tall as a Sequoia tree and producing oranges and bergamot flowers, allowing in more joy. The gnomes offered nutrients to the soil and they were guarding their tree of massive wisdom.

The blurb on the back cover of the book was what the gnomes were the most excited about: “Matthew is a keeper of the trees, forests, prairies and the Earth. He shows the world how to live as one with nature, to enhance our spirits and help us appreciate the gifts of flowers, herbs, trees, and prairies. Matthew blesses us with his wisdom.”

And with that, the gnomes became extremely tired.  After eating and partying, they wanted to sleep deeply.  They also wanted Matthew to feast on oranges and other fruits, kick back with his feet up and enjoy a bounty of happiness.  

As they turned and walked back into the forest, I said, “Thank you gnomes, animal spirits, Earth, and black soil.”

The book was now closed. 

The orange tree turned back into Matthew’s body — and this concluded the healing for this time. Thank you, gnomes.

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Kerry Lewis
Kerry Lewis is a Master Reiki practitioner who has completed her Energy Medicine certification through Cyndi Dale, energy healer at Normandale Community College. Kerry sees clients on the phone through Zoom, and in person at BodyMind Chiropractic Center and Audacious Alchemy, both located in St. Paul. For your own personalized healing/reading, text Kerry Lewis at 612.367.7089, email [email protected], and visit www.mycolorclarity.com.


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