A Pleiadian Message: Self-Liberation and Opening to Your Power


Beloved ones, we greet you. Your third-dimensional story continues to unfold as your planet undergoes a rapid recalibration since the opening of the 2020 vibrations. There has been an upswing in the third-dimensional drama, which is being held within the veils of illusion.

These higher vibrations that are entering Earth have been instrumental in creating further drama within your world. The result of this upheaval is being caused from the higher realm light frequency entering your planet. Anything that is not of Truth is being unearthed through the illumination of this light, which is destined to continue to build in intensity. This is what we call the “New Dawning” era for your planet.

A creation energy has birthed within this higher framework of expanded light. Your planet’s signature vibration has undergone a complete shift, and it is now able to hold you within its newly constructed radiant form. These active creation energies are designed to enable you to be supported in completing your individual missions.

The movement of your planet’s illumination is still in its building phase. There is a continuous momentum within this pulsing wave of light consciousness emanating through your Earth’s core. This wave contains a heartbeat-like motion that is flowing outwards from the magnetic core of the Earth. Continuous waves are being released across your Earth plane, enabling this higher light consciousness to be forged throughout all life on the planet. These vibrational energies, described as multidimensional expressions of creation energy, are re-emerging now in your reality to create reconnection and renewal for the Earth’s energetic systems.

As these waves flow out from the core, old patterns that have been held in place for lifetimes are releasing. These patterns have kept the illusion firmly anchored. As the old, dense energies are lifted off, dimensional doorways are being illuminated, revealed and reopened to those of you on the path. They have always been active on Earth, however now they are being lit up and made easily accessible to you.

God consciousness
You are similarly being drawn and reconfigured within this energetic pulsing flow into a pure web of your own God consciousness state. As the frequency builds and emerges more completely, you are being naturally realigned to aspects of your multidimensional, sacred, dimensional Higher Self.

You are a multidimensional being, and the cells of your body are being proportioned back to aspects of realignment. This metamorphic process is happening now within you. This is a natural process that manifests first within your heart cells and then radiates throughout your systems to interact within your brain cells, and brain synapses. These shifts are strongly impacting your nervous system as you are being moved and realigned through to this next transitional step. You are being re-orientated to higher realm dimensional settings. This is an essential aspect of your rebirth.

Know that this process is a step towards your transmutation. This is not an easy transition and it will take time for you to fully orient within all of the necessary multidimensional components. We wish to remind you of your pre-agreement to be here on the Earth plane during this glorious time. Many higher states of reality are being made re-accessible to you once more as you are returning yourself to a place of knowing.

Your role right now is to bring all of your focus back to yourself during this aspect of your transition. Your heart is at the center of this pure rebirth process. As you take individual moments to fully align, make sure you bring all of your focus within your heart. As you choose to take this action of reconnection to your heart, monumental shifts will take place within your life.

This is a step-by-step process as you claim your heart aligning one moment at a time. Each time you choose to claim your heart and bring all of your awareness within your heart, transformation can take place within your entire system. A quickening begins to take effect as you choose moments to take this action of conscious reconnection. You are consciously claiming your own multidimensionality. This conscious action by you is what will make the difference in your ability to accelerate your integration and realignments to the higher reality states.

Your heart is the central place for you to access everything you need in your world. Your heart is the central place for you in this Universe. Through your heart you can re-access the higher realms.

Letting go
Another essential part for the acceleration of your individual metamorphic process is to move into a state of conscious letting go. By “letting go” you are allowing yourself to enter the doorways that are here for you. Letting go allows you to shed the old, outworn belief systems that you have chosen to hold onto from the past. Letting go is the action of consciously birthing yourself out of the old mold into the new frequencies of living. This liberating action propels you forward.

This action of “letting go” is your conscious willingness to reach past the illusion and align into these energetic states. It is another aspect of the essential ingredients to your awakening process. Through this avenue your heart can transform and dimensionally align on another level.

True letting go involves holding your heart and utilizing the conscious breath, a breath in and out of the mouth, like a deep sigh. You need to breathe in the mouth, and out of the mouth. The power of this breath is that it bypasses the ego mind’s ability to hold on and the energy of what you are letting go leaves the body completely. The action created by the conscious breath is to release layers of old issues from the cells of the body.

You don’t have to use the conscious breath all of the time, just one conscious breath an hour — or sometimes when you are actively working on an issue, one conscious breath every 60 seconds. The conscious breath says two things: “Yes, I am willing to let go” and “Yes, I am willing to receive my light.” As issues and density leave the cells of the body, light can come into the cells.

Human and sacred aspects
Another important aspect of your unfolding process is be aware, and to be actively engaged, with the two very diverse expressions of your makeup: your human aspect and your sacred aspect, which exist simultaneously. You require both parts of yourself to realign yourself fully. Hold a mutual respect for both parts of yourself, with an emphasis on deepening your realignment to the sacred aspect of you. Through the love that is carried within your sacred self, healing can take place within the human part. The sacred aspect can be of great support for the vulnerable aspect of you, which is human.

This has been the design set in place as part of your enlightenment process. This plan is for you to bridge the gap between both parts of yourself, bringing a sense of love, compassion and patience from your sacred aspect to your humanity. This action of self-acceptance is really the action of self-love. Currently you are living in two distinct realities simultaneously, one of illusion and one of Truth. This action described above is your self-realization process.

Your sacred self holds the keys to love, and through this love your experience within your third-dimensional world can transform. Through this love you are enabling yourself to let go of the drama and suffering that is created through the misperceptions of the ego mind, your human aspect. Ultimately, you will be able to simply witness the drama and still support your human aspect to let go within any living experience — and at the same time move into a more peaceful existence within your world.

You are all going to come to a successful completion of this transitional phase as you enable yourselves to navigate your way home to the higher frequency consciousness of Self. This is an absolute certainty. A sacred illumination is now surrounding you to assist you in this assimilation of yourself. This flow is designed to reposition you to this reconnection to your Higher Self that is accessed within your heart.

This is your time for self-liberation as you reopen into your unlimited power. Your successful transition depends on you choosing to actively claim your heart reconnection. This must be a conscious process set in motion by you. You have free will in this lifetime and the desire and design of coming home must be self-driven through the pure force that exists within your heart.

Your entire process is all about reconnection and reunion back to the multidimensional reality to home, where you realign to the natural aspect of your sacred frequency of God light. Through the profound elements activated by the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in January, a series of multidimensional doorway openings were re-formed and recreated — and made accessible for you to return now.

The spaces within your Earth plane carry the links to multidimensional expressions of the sacred. Your Earth has become a container for you to open up into reconnection to that which you are within the Higher Realms. You, your physical vehicle, is a catalyst for your changing. Your cells have been realigned for your creation element to become manifest within you once more.

This is an aspect of the New Dawning prophecies that were anchored and set in motion, pre-destined for you on Earth. Your destined moments of reconnection are here now.

The elementals of Earth are playing a strong role by holding a platform of change for you, so you can springboard yourself outwards into these new realms of consciousness that are now linked from the Higher Realms to you.

Take moments to claim the elements and levels of this reconnection by linking to your heart space. This is your doorway home. This is yours. Claim the moment and realign to home. There is a powerful call that has gone out to you from the God consciousness state, drawing you like a magnet through your heart. Utilize this magnetic pull, this sacred calling! Know that this is your destiny in motion.

We, and the rest of the Universe, hold a steady space, an anchor for you to shift your awareness within your heart and come home. Blessings, the Pleiadians.

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Christine Day
Christine Day is a leading spiritual teacher, healer, channel and author. Following a traumatic childhood in her native Australia, Christine was diagnosed with advanced Systemic Lupus at the age of 31 and given a short time to live. Shortly afterward, she experienced a profound spiritual awakening with the Pleiadians, the energy of which moved her to a place of complete self-healing. Since then Christine has been presenting Pleiadian Events, Seminars and Transmissions of Light throughout the United States and internationally. Visit www.ChristineDayOnline.com.


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