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I don’t view what is often termed healing as healing. I view it as energy releasing/transitioning or energy transforming. I have an example of energy releasing/transitioning. My cousin has had two spinal surgeries and his neck movement is very limited. This past fall during a visit we were talking about his neck and his ability to move after surgery.

His doctor told him the very limited head movement was the best it could or would ever be. I told him that I did not believe that was true, and I believed I could help him. He sat on a chair and I began to release built-up energy in connection to his spine, shoulders and head. When I finished, in disbelief he was amazed at his increased head movement in all directions. The energy that had built up was not allowing his body to be in a natural balance.

Another example involves my work with a young lady who lost the ability to walk without falling down. For a period of time she was in a wheelchair. She went to numerous doctors and they could not find anything physically wrong with her. She had to learn to walk again at age 20. I began to work on her energy and body to help her keep from occasionally falling down unexpectedly.

I became aware that when she was 12, a young male began to hang around her energetically. I became aware that he had committed suicide because he had an extreme case of polio and could not walk. His energy, and her energy and human body, had been in the process of merging since she was 12 years old, when he would lie down with her at night while she slept. He could never walk, so eventually his energy took away her ability to walk. After removing this young man and his energy from her, she went on to participate in a 5K walk run, a goal she had set for herself years before.

I have worked with individuals who have carried into this life an energy connection from a previous life. An extreme event from a previous life affected them physically in this life. The doctors they had gone to see had no solutions and were unable to diagnose the reason for their physical issues. When I worked with them, I was able to see what had happened in that previous life, and that allowed us to release the energy of that previous life event. Just like that, the issue was gone.

Many people suffer from migraines. What I know is that sometimes those migraines are associated with an unwanted earthbound entity that is hanging around. The consciousness of such an unseen entity around a person can affect the head, brain and consciousnes, causing significant headaches that can last for hours and days. Pain relievers are not effective, because what is taking place is not a physical issue, even though it is experienced physically. Remember, if it not a physical issue, it could be an energy issue. 

Sometimes freedom comes in one energy session. Sometimes it takes multiple energy sessions to change the pattern and free the body. Sometimes it is not about healing, but simply releasing energy that is not in balance with a person’s body and energy. Many types of possession take place daily. If the medical community can’t solve your physical issue, maybe there an energy you are unaware of is causing your problem.

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