Ancient Healing Methods for Modern Times


As the world whirls in chaos around us, we require more multidimensional approaches to healing to stay at the epicenter, in balance and in our power. This is because the storms that blow around us can affect our bodies in not only the physical plane, but also the emotional, mental and spiritual ones, too. The greater the turbulence outside, the more challenging it can be to stay strong and in our most vibrant state of being.

Fortunately, we have time-tested tools and methods of healing at our fingertips, some of which have survived thousands of years. When approached with fresh eyes and from new directions, these intricate systems can offer a solid foundation for innovations in healing to emerge.

On the physical level, there are many types of bodywork that assist a person to return to structural balance. These include chiropractic work, osteopathy, myofascial release and forms of massage. Herbs also can be incredibly helpful because they work with the body on more subtle levels, bringing the whole being to a delicate balance when used in their highest form. Additionally, supplementation to support weakened systems in the body is very important in these times when the soils are not as rich in nutrients as they could be.

The physical frame is continuously bombarded with noxious chemicals, radiation and pollution on the whole. The air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat can all be held suspect for contaminants. As such, our bodies require extra assistance in these times to maintain it in a “safe” mode where we must frequently reboot and restart the system.

On the mental/emotional level, there is a wide range of systems that can help someone find balance. These include methods like Emotional Freedom Technique, which works intentionally with key acupressure points to offer a path of release and return to inner power and calm. The Hawaiian Ho’oponopono technique is another way to release heaviness caused by negative experiences with others.

Working with the subconscious mind directly can help accelerate results. This can be done through methods like Neuro Linguistic Programming, inner child healing and hypnotherapy. This work can be further amplified through movement in practices like yoga and qigong as the body finds healthy opportunities to release stuck emotions from the organs, tissues and cells.

The mind and heart are challenged with an influx of highly sensitive information that pass through our awareness each day. Even if we are not conscious of what they may be, the imprints of these thought forms and emotions can negatively influence our own way of thinking and feeling if we are not in a mindful space. The modern-day phenomenon of social media has increased the possibility of this happening. It is vital to cleanse and decompress the mental and emotional bodies regularly.

On the spiritual level, there are a plethora of tools and therapies that can help strengthen one’s purpose and provide balance on deeper energetic levels. The chakra system is a beautiful framework for healing that was first described in the early Sanskrit texts. They refer to a path of returning to balance through such things as color, sound, meditation and movement. These can be a complement to Shamanic Soul Retrieval that involves calling back lost fragments of the soul through time and space. Past Life Regression, Akashic Records Healing and Reiki can also provide a way of returning to a stronger, more grounded place of balance within.

Today’s world is rife with material struggle and spiritual conflict. It is not a friendly place at large for the spirit, as war outside is prevalent without the assured grounding of supportive communities built on Universal love and compassion for life. Developing the self within is vital to staying in harmony with the changing world outside.

Overall, there are so many paths today that await us for healing and ultimate balance on all levels of our being. Our lesson in these times of darkness is to stay open enough to receive these wonderful blessings that bear the mark of our ancestors. When you seek, you shall find a door that leads you back to balance within, your true home.


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