Be Kind


What do you think of when you see the two words “be kind?” Dig deep, past the surface level. I want to emphasize the power of expression — whether it be a look, body language or spoken word.

How often do you reflect and think about the other human being used as your target? You don’t have to say a word for someone to automatically and intuitively know what you are thinking or implying about them. It’s energy transference. We are all energy, and energy is constantly moving and intertwining.

We implicitly cast judgment on others consciously and subconsciously, without even realizing it. It’s been conditioned since your upbringing and engrained in your DNA from your ancestors: which skin color is worthy, which gender is more powerful, more money is the only way, bigger the house, better the car, designer clothing, etc. I encourage you to take a moment and recognize what you do on a daily basis and how often you look at someone with disgust, make some snide remark under your breath, or outwardly express your own underlying problematic mindset.

You and only you can recognize, address and repair those faulty wires. Every single human being on this Earth is a life force with a purpose — no matter the living condition, lifestyle, education, job, money, family. Climb down off your pedestal. We all have hearts and the capacity to breathe 24 hours a day for our entire lives, a brain with the ability to formulate thoughts/opinions/learn/unlearn/heal/teach/grow, a past-present-future that YOU have not a single clue about.

Surface-level judgment reveals how you feel about your core being and what you lack internally. Being kind is so much more than you can fathom. You will never know if that one look or comment could be the one thing pushing that person over the edge, triggering trauma, solidifying their insecurities or just unjustifiably hurting somebody.

Think, think and think some more about the power we hold as humans to either completely change someone’s life or stifle it. Don’t beat yourself up over who you are or were. Be adamantly intent on who you can and will be. Step out of your conditioned mind and grow.

Share your loving kindness. We all have so much to give.

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Alyssa Winchester is a traveling, freelance writer from Arizona. She is creating her mobile practice as a Guided Meditation Teacher, Intuitive Angel Card Reader, Transformational Lifecoach, Certified Hypnotherapist, Ordained Minister, Behavioral Health Worker, leading the elderly in Hospice to cross over, and continuing her true passion of writing inspirational articles and poetry. In her free time, she crochets and sells gifts on Etsy, plays piano, reads about minimalism and sustainability, volunteers for non-profits, spends quality time with her husband and dog, and skateboards. Alyssa is a vegan, consciously driven human and animal rights advocate.  Contact her at [email protected] or 760.277.0469.


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