Chinese Medicine and Chiropractic Care


As my husband underwent his fifth MRI or CT scan, he reminded the medical doctors that they wouldn’t find anything, again. He has suffered from horrible migraines his entire life and has been prescribed pain killer after pain killer, none of which eased his suffering. The results came in: he’s fine, and there’s nothing wrong with him, except for unexplained chronic headaches that they can’t seem to treat.

I suggested to him that instead of suffering for the rest of his life, perhaps he could try what seems to work for so many others, a regular visit to the chiropractor and receiving acupuncture. He agreed. Almost immediately his headaches subsided, and only when he lingers from treatment does he reach for a pain killer. 

Once I believed that chiropractors only treated injuries. I was encouraged to seek treatment for my fibromyalgia with a chiropractic adjustment and gave it a chance. Severe symptoms caused by endometriosis quickly subsided. I’ve never received any help from medical doctors for my unbearable pain and sickness related to endometriosis. Once I was prescribed Torodal, a very strong pain killer. It may have decreased my pain level by about 10 percent. I felt that Torodal was too hard on the liver to continue taking it for such little relief.

The most effective solution for my endometriosis symptoms has been chamomile. Chinese medicine encourages the use of herbal teas. Chamomile calms the muscle contractions that cause my pain and sickness. Many herbal teas support our wellness. Acupressure also relieves my symptoms.

Whether it is chronic migraines, endometriosis or other painful health issues, when we don’t receive the care that we expect to properly diagnose and/or treat them, we can’t simply give up. We must seek out what treatment works for us. Chinese Medicine and Chiropractic care are two great places to start. Just as you need to find the right fit for you with a medical doctor, the same thing applies to a Chiropractor and/or a Chinese Medicine Doctor. Find a doctor who is equipped to deal with your specific health concerns and who you have faith in.

Chinese Medicine and Chiropractic care treat a wide range of health ailments. 


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