Healing is Spiritual


Have you given much thought to what healing is and how it happens?

Like many, I took healing for granted. If I rested and gave it a little time, I got better. That was it. Healing was bandaging a wound or eating chicken soup. It certainly didn’t have anything to do with energy or spirituality.

Then one day a colleague offered to help me using what she called an “energy healing.” She instructed me to lie down. Then she stood next to me and gently put her hands on me.

She told me to relax and breathe deeply. As she held her warm hands on my body, I responded in ways that I found surprising. There was a warm, almost buzzing sensation going through me. My arms and hands gradually moved into different positions like they had lives of their own.

Eventually my hands clenched up in a way that reminded me of a person with cerebral palsy. The muscle contractions were so strong that I wondered if I was going to unclench after the healing was done.

The contractions did stop. My arms and hands returned to normal. All the sensations diminished and I felt surprisingly calm and relaxed. My colleague said the healing was done and I could get up.

At that time, I had a food allergy to cow’s milk. If I consumed even the smallest amount, I got sick. I got headaches and had trouble thinking and focusing. Those things bothered me so much that I was very careful to avoid dairy products altogether.

After the healing, I told another colleague about my experience. He said he wouldn’t be surprised if it changed my food allergy. I thought, “What? No way!”

But he was insistent and I was intrigued. So I went out with my colleagues and, expecting I was going to suffer for it, ate pizza. Amazingly, I had no symptoms whatsoever. In a period of a few hours I went from getting sick after eating cheese to having no reaction at all.

At the time, I had no idea what happened. I certainly couldn’t explain it. But being able to eat cheese without getting sick was miraculous. There was no logical reason for my suddenly being able to eat cheese without getting sick. But the truth is, something profound happened.

I needed to know what it was. But figuring that out took a lot longer than I thought it would. It has taken the accumulated experiences of many years to show me what took place. In the end, it is shockingly simple, yet surprisingly difficult to pull off.

What I know today is that I responded to my colleague’s gentle touch. I came forward, and the energy of my spirit changed and healed my body.

Back then, I thought my colleague healed me. I lived under the assumption that helping professionals were the healers, that the healers and their techniques made the healing happen.

What I have discovered is that I was the source of my own healing. She was just a helper. She happened to be a very good helper. But the truth is, she helped me heal. I am the one who did the healing.

I want you to know that you can do the same thing. You were born with the power to heal. It’s right there inside of you. You might need a little help. But with the right help, you can heal.

You live in a physical, human body, but that body isn’t who you are. You’re far more than the body you live in. You are the inside. You are the life force. You are the unseen, the inner spiritual entity that was created by the Divine. You are powerful.

Your spirit is where the power to heal comes from. And because there is nothing that spirit cannot do, there is nothing that your spirit cannot heal. Access the power of your spiritual presence and you can heal almost anything.

True healing — the healing that has the power to change everything about you and your life — is recovering and expressing the essence of who you are. It is returning to your awareness of, and the ability to freely express, your true Self.

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Dr. Steven Hiebert
Steven Hiebert has been a chiropractor and healer for over 30 years. His goal for everyone is optimal health and wellbeing. Diet and nutrition have been a key component. In addition, he is the author of the award-winning book, Be Your Self and Be Well: Connecting with Your Soul’s Power to Heal. Dr. Steven can be reached at 651-777-9156, on the web at www.drstevenhiebert.com, or by email at [email protected].


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