Healing through Soul Songs

Not many people know about a particular healing modality called Soul Songs. And not many people know that it can heal. Even fewer know about the language it is sung in. It’s not a language we verbally speak anywhere, except through our soul. It is called soul language. Its roots came from Taoism. It’s an alternative way to heal.

Soul language is a version of what is commonly called Light Language, but it is not channeled. Everyone can speak soul language and it usually sounds different for each person.

My personal soul language is in syllables. I sing with the syllables to create unique healing songs for my clients.

I started healing myself with this modality after I couldn’t find much help from other energy healing practices. Soul Songs is a form of energy healing and sound healing.

I cured the insomnia that I suffered from for 12 long years, as well as the chronic pain I had been having for a couple of years. The peace that I received from clearing these issues was enough to make me start helping others.

My clients report that within a week, things start to clear for them, whether it is a physical or emotional issue. Symptoms start to decrease, and desired emotions start to increase.

I am currently one of the only people offering distant energy healing through Soul Songs. It’s not invasive. I don’t have to touch you, be in the same room or even be on the phone or a video chat with you to help you on your healing journey. That’s what makes it amazing.



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