Healing with Divine Mother, Ayurveda and Seraphim Angel Energies


We know from physics that everything in life is energy in different states and frequencies. So it only makes sense that if there is a disease, or a problem with our health or any other area of our life, that means the “energy” of that area is deficient, excessive or out of balance. It may be too weak or too strong, or the flow is broken, or the manifestation is incorrect. To fix the problem, we can either introduce mixed energies in the form of pharmaceuticals, radiation and corrective surgeries, or we can introduce healthy holistic Divine Energies coming directly from the Source/God.

Recently, numerous Divine Beings — such as the Divine Mother, the Seraphim Angels, Dhanvantri, founder of the Ayurvedic Health System, and Patanjali, who wrote the famous Yoga Sutras — are offering new Divine Energies to heal our health, enlighten our consciousness, purify our world, improve our prosperity and create Heaven on Earth. These Divine Energies are a direct transmission of the highest and most perfect energies from Source, which can correct problems in our health and create greater perfection in all areas, including enlightenment.

Once a person receives the proper attunements, downloads, upgrades and instructions from Divine Mother and other Divine Beings, they are able to run these Divine Energies for themselves, friends, groups and the world for the rest of their lives to improve and heal health problems and raise consciousness in ways that were never possible before.

For instance, Panchakarma is a branch of Ayurvedic medicine that does an excellent job at purifying the body, mind and emotions, but it’s always been very time and labor intensive. You have to go to a special clinic for up to a month and spend up to $10,000. That’s great for people who have the time and money, but now for the first time ever, Dhanvantri, Divine Mother and some Master Healing Angels and Devas have put together all the benefits of Panchakarma in a Divine Energy Program that people can learn in only five hours, and then they can give themselves and others the therapies, treatments and benefits of Panchakarma without all the mess, time and money.

Patanjali is an ancient, enlightened being who wrote the famous Yoga Sutras to help people live a life of perfect health, enlightenment and yogic powers. This book presented the philosophy, rules, knowledge and guidelines on how to lead a more perfect life and gain unbounded pure consciousness. Now, for the first time, Patanjali has teamed up with Divine Mother to bring out his upgraded Yoga Sutras in a Divine Energy format.

This time, Patanjali was able to add an additional 20 percent of knowledge and energy beyond what was available in the original text written 2,000 years ago. Instead of having to learn all the rules, guidelines and practices listed in the text, we can now run these Divine Energies and directly experience the goal of more unbounded pure consciousness and divine perfections without all the hard work and practice that was necessary before. Patanjali has said that we have no idea how far this new package of energies can take us.

Divine Mother, the feminine expression of God/Source, has brought out a Divine Energy that She uses herself to purify, cleanse, heal and transform dark energies, beings, situations, etc. This Divine Love energy has been so concentrated that it becomes a deep blue liquid, and it is sprinkled or poured on anyone or anything that needs purification, healing or ascension. Whatever it touches changes from dark or negative to pure white as it gets purified and uplifted. This Divine Energy is so powerful that nothing can resist it, and everything gets purified and uplifted — without conflict or judgment.

We’ve often heard that love is the most powerful energy, but this is the first time we’ve had such powerful Divine Love that it can overcome all evil and negativity.

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John W. Chandler
John Chandler, custodian of these energies, has been a Transcendental Meditation teacher for 49 years, a Seraphim Blueprint Teacher and recipient of Divine Mother energies for over 15 years. Visit www.divinemotherenergies.com.


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