How to Talk to Angels


Last of a 3-part Series
An excerpt from The Angel Experiment

There are so many beautiful ways to communicate with your angels. You can share with them what you are worried about and ask them to help you with all kinds of things that you might be struggling with right now. You can talk to them casually all day long, whenever you are in the car, in the shower, meditating or going to bed. Anytime is a good time to talk to angels.

As a matter of fact, you really don’t even have to speak the words out loud. You can just think them, and they can still hear you. Angels are cool that way. Having heart-to-heart conversations with your angels throughout the day — whether out loud or just in your thoughts — is highly recommended, because amazing things can happen for you just from doing that.

Some people feel guilty about asking for help from the angels. If that is true for you, know that there’s absolutely nothing to feel bad or guilty about. The good news is that angels absolutely love helping you! The bad news is that they really can’t help you if you don’t ask.

Humans have what’s called free will. From my experience, the angels can’t intervene and help you if you don’t invite them into your life for support. Moral of the story? Ask, ask, ask, and then keep on asking.

Prayer vs. Invocation
An invocation is a slightly more formal way to communicate with the angels. I am teaching it to you because it is the most powerful way that I know of to enlist their help.

Most people have heard the word prayer, but not too many people have heard of or understand the word invocation. I am going to focus on invocation, because the energy of invocation is quite different from that of prayer and can be even more powerful.

Prayer is the act of calling upon a divinity outside yourself to intercede on your behalf to solve whatever problems you are having. Praying is an amazing way to connect with the divine and find peace and solace.

Invocation is outwardly similar to prayer. You are still calling on the divine for aid; however, an invocation actually invites the beautiful presence of the divine to fill your entire being, your heart, mind, body and soul. To invoke is to essentially awaken and allow divinity to move through you, which, as you can imagine, can bring deep healing to all aspects of your being. The process of invocation includes you, a magical human, as one of the key ingredients in the recipe for miracle making. Prayer doesn’t really do that.

Invocation acknowledges your own magic in the equation, and this is why I love using invocations and teaching about them.

How to Do an Invocation
Even though the angels can completely hear you if you don’t speak to them out loud, I find speaking invocations out loud helps you focus on your intentions, especially if your mind is all over the place.

When you’re doing an invocation, you will want to get into the actual feeling and emotion of it. A solid invocation includes some level of passion or excitement. Find the emotion behind your request, because it’s through your emotions that so much of your life becomes manifest. Do your best to excite yourself with passion. Some people do this by playing music, singing the invocation (more on this to come), or even dancing.

If you have ever heard Aretha Franklin, Chris Cornell or Robert Plant sing, something amazing they all have in common is that they sing as if their very lives depend on it. They sing as if that day might just be the last day of their lives.

That is the energy I want you to put into your invocations. Feel every word, whether you are speaking it or singing it. Use that juicy emotion to send ripples of your intent out into the universe, and know that big work has just been done.

So many people think of angels as if they were celestial beings that lived far away from us in heaven or in the clouds. But really, they are right here, right now, with you all the time. So again, imagine them as if they are loving friends standing side by side with you, always ready to help you out. Especially when you are doing an invocation.

When you’re invoking your angels, you can also sing to your angels. Singing can really help raise both the energy and the emotion of what you’re calling forth, so over the years I’ve found it to be very effective. Many of the people I work with tell me they prefer to sing their invocations versus just speaking them out loud. Singing them also helps you maintain your focus and brings an extra “party” vibe into the work.

And let me tell you, angels do love to see you enjoying yourself.


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