Interspecies Talk Worldwide Launches Global Campaign


Interspecies Talk Worldwide has launched its first global campaign to spark interest in World Interspecies Communication Month, planned for October 2020.

The campaign includes a new website (, a global petition (, and new social accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (WorldTalktober).

The goal of the awareness month is to: open a meaningful dialogue between all species; inspire humanity to take the next step in our evolution and view all other species as sentient, thinking, feeling beings who share our planet and deserve an equal voice in how we live on it and care for it; and begin embracing and reigniting our innate abilities to communicate with our co-inhabitants through the universal language of telepathic communication. The month will be filled with activities, events and celebrations around the world.

Telepathic communication with animals and other beings is a “lost art” that is innately part of our nature. A resurgence and interest in this ability re-emerged in the early 1970s, spurring a new professional field offering animal communication services and learning opportunities. Today, there are hundreds of teachers and thousands of learners all over the globe. The awareness month is designed to introduce telepathic interspecies communication to the rest of the world as a way to embrace the connection we have lost with the millions of life forms around us.

“Animals and other life forms are so much more ‘at home’ on this planet than humans are because they have never lost their connection to all other life through this telepathic ability,” says Josh Coen, founder of the event. “We (humans) are now so disconnected, that we believe we are the center of the universe and the only ones on the planet who matter. When you begin connecting with other life through interspecies communication, you realize they have preferences, opinions, personalities, and wisdom often far beyond what people have. Imagine what would happen if we began tapping into that knowledge and collaborating on ways to more sustainably live on this planet together.”

The website invites public interaction in numerous ways. Visitors can read a growing collection of messages from different species, search for educational books and videos, find an interspecies communicator or workshop, and explore online and in-person events all over the world. They can also sign the petition, which asks that we “Acknowledge the Sentience of All Life Forms on Earth.”

Interspecies Talk Worldwide launched in 2019 to unite the field of interspecies communication and introduce the skill to the world as a language as common and learnable as any other. The ultimate goals are to enhance humanity’s awareness that all beings on Earth are sentient, welcome an ongoing dialogue with them, and work together to help create more goodwill, respect, solidarity, wisdom, compassion, peace, and even viable solutions to the planet’s environmental crisis. The organization is working toward nonprofit status.

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  1. Josh is doing so much for interspecies communication – helping to spread awareness of the possibilities it can have for our world and all who share it. Let’s hope the campaign is a big success and brings us all together – it’s what we need right now!


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