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Archangel Raphael is a messenger of God, specializing in physical and emotional health, travel and also relationships. While his name means “God heals,” his Hebrew name “Rophe” means medicine doctor, and in the Catholic faith, St. Raphael is the patron saint of healing medical workers and travelers. 

My communications with Archangel Raphael began over 10 years ago and have increased to connecting with him twice a day. When I wake up in the morning and before I go to sleep at night, I thank God for everything, Archangel Michael for his protection and Archangel Raphael for his healing.

Anyone can talk with Archangel Raphael, and whenever you call on him, he can heal anything as long as you sincerely want to be healed. If you are praying for someone else’s healing, they also must want to be healed in order for a healing to take place. The exception is in situations where a person’s death or illness is part of God’s overall divine plan.

Archangel Raphael answers your request in one of two ways: immediately or gradually, as part of a person’s spiritual growth. If he doesn’t heal immediately, keep praying to him daily until the healing occurs. I have experienced his healing immediately, as well as gradually, and he has always healed me or the person I’m praying for.

When you are ready to communicate with him, begin by addressing both God and Archangel Raphael. First, thank them for their healings and then ask for a specific healing for yourself or others. Speak with them sincerely like you would speak to a friend. And always remember to say thank you for the healing you are requesting in the form of an affirmation.

Archangel Raphael is associated with the color emerald green, so envision that color when you talk with him. Sometimes I see a flash of emerald green, but one time everything around me was covered in his awesome emerald green light of healing. The first time you see his color you won’t believe it, but it is a sure sign you are connected to Archangel Raphael.

While you’re making your request, listen for his answer. It’s usually heard even before you complete your request. He may use words or phrases you don’t usually use. 

I started praying to him 10 years ago when I got very sick and needed his help immediately. I spoke out loud to him and was healed immediately. When I saw the color emerald green, I knew I was being healed. I went through a decade of episodes similar to this, but I no longer experience these occurrences. 

Before I go to a doctor’s appointment, I tell Archangel Raphael that I want a smooth visit and that I want to be happy when I leave the office. He has always answered my prayer. 

Recently one of my cats had skin growths on his upper eyelid and he was over-grooming himself, resulting in bald spots on his body and a sore on his stomach. The veterinarian gave me some cream to apply, but my cat wouldn’t let me use it. These conditions lasted for six months and I was starting to wonder if it were possible for him to be healed. I faithfully prayed every day to Archangel Raphael, who emphatically told me my cat would be healed, so I never gave up. Then the miracle happened. His eyelid is now completely healed and he no longer over-grooms himself.

Besides seeing the color emerald green when speaking with him, Archangel Raphael gives other signs: a self-help book may fall from a shelf; a song may come on the radio with a message especially for you; words on a license plate may have meaning to you; or you may see paintings or other items where the color emerald green is predominate. 

Recently a friend and I had lunch and she told me about surgery she needed to have on her foot. She was concerned about it, so I suggested she ask me a question and I would see if Archangel Raphael would respond. She asked if her surgery would be successful and he replied through me, “All is well.” This was the first time I asked on behalf of someone else and it felt good to help her — not to mention it was a relief to her.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get results at first. Like anything else, it takes time. Just keep praying to him daily and if your intentions are sincere, and you really want to be healed, you will begin to hear Archangel Raphael’s kind voice and see his wondrous miracles for yourself.

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Melodee Currier
Melodee Currier lives in Dublin, Ohio, with her husband. She left corporate America in 2008 where she was an intellectual property paralegal. Since then she has devoted her time to writing and has had three eBooks and numerous articles published on a wide variety of topics.  Her articles can be read at


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