Spirit Uranus Speaks: Self-Awareness Exercise


You are capable of being aware of things from many different levels, and they are in you — although you are not conscious of them, for you have shut down this ability. The ability is hidden underneath all the dross you have learned and gathered in all these years. Here I would include all the learned patterns and other learned ways and forms of thinking. These learned reserves of dross work through your intellect and they block all knowledge, experiencing and feeling from you, limiting your worldview into a small enclosure.

In this way you imagine completely wrong things about yourselves. You do not see your own greatness, extensiveness and versatility, and thus you cannot realize how unique you are. And you do not realize that, in your own uniqueness, you are parts of a much bigger and extensive whole every moment and second of your lives.

This lack of experiencing and knowledge — and you can only get this knowledge by experiencing, when it is true knowledge — makes people uncertain, insecure and fearful. You shut from yourselves the true ability to live when so much that is beautiful in yourselves and your surroundings is left unexperienced.

When you find all the layers of life inside yourselves in their entirety, you also find life around you in its entirety and realize that life is really beautiful. The place where you live is really beautiful and contains many more forms of existence and much more friendship and love than you realize. Because you are not aware, you cannot receive. Through being aware, you are freed to yourselves on different levels; then insecurity goes away, for you know that security is in you. Likewise, security is around you, for then you are aware of your own power, which is infinite. You are a channel to this power, and this power is endless and infinite if you want it this way. However, you can shut it off completely with your mind and intellect, and, metaphorically speaking, it will shrivel and wither away.

When you start gravitating towards yourself, you also begin to understand yourself. As the entirety of what you truly are unfolds, every part in you settles to its own place, and the intellect, emotions, mind and body start co-operating for the benefit of the whole. Then what you really are, your Self, takes the responsibility, and this entirety serves this reality hand in hand, and takes forward your well-being.

Merely by asking yourselves on a daily basis — “How are you, my body? What is the state of my emotions? What thoughts do I have right now?” — you get answers to your questions and the whole starts unfolding. I begin to realize that I am a whole consisting of a body, an emotional self and a mind, which contains thoughts, i.e. reason. By realizing this, changes just happen inside me, and I start perceiving myself and my surroundings differently. I give permission, when everything just happens inside me. It simply unfolds when I repeat these questions to myself, say, once a day. I work for the benefit of the whole, and balance is born. Emotions or mind are not in power anymore. These parts are no longer fighting for domination, leadership or power inside me but settle in their own places and start working as friends.

There are countless possibilities in your world to work into yourselves, for merely what I just explained will take you very far. By asking yourselves those questions — “How are you, my body? What feelings do I have right now? What thoughts do I have right now?” — you get answers. These are entities in me that, together, create me. Everything simply happens inside me: I cannot notice it but I can notice the results. It is like a seed that is planted in the ground; I do not see what is happening in it, but one day it pushes through the ground, and I can see it. The same happens when you are working to get into yourself. Very often things are simple and work through repetition, for there is repetition in everything in life. The invisible changes simply happen to me in an unconscious state, and one day I notice that I have acted otherwise.

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Hanni Salovaara
Hanni Salovaara is from Finland and has a Master of Arts degree in Education. This article is based on her book Happiness Is Life Itself (BookLocker.com, 2018) which she has written from her experiences in a spiritual growth group led by a spirit called Uranus. She also shares the teachings of Uranus in her blog: www.spirituranustalks.blogspot.com.


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