A Pleiadian Message: Be Still, Let Go in the Stillness


Beloved ones, we greet you. The veils on your Earth plane have become like fluid streams of light, creating doorways that are wide open to enable you to step forward into a higher terrain of consciousness. Only you, through conscious choice, can take this next step and begin to navigate yourself Home.

We, the Pleiadians, are anchoring these energetic doorways open when you choose to step through and re-engage, reuniting within the multidimensional realms of Truth of which you are actually a part. In Truth, you have never been separate. Now you are to consciously participate within the sacred component of your makeup and take your place within the collective consciousness.

This is the time for you to embark upon your journey to returning Home — consciously. We hold a mantle for you to navigate this change in alignment to your higher frequency of consciousness. This mantle is being held in place for you until you answer the call, which is being transmitted to you by the sacred aspect of your Higher Self.

This is your time to return, through conscious choice, to this sacred component of yourself. Know that this is Divine timing set in action for you, a time for your transformational change. This is the destiny action of you birthing you, returning to reconnection and reunion with your sacred nature.

Sacred veils
You are to access your way through a series of sacred, multidimensional veils via the gateway of your heart. You carry within the heart cells a unique, Divine frequency of a vibrational pattern that can be likened to a key opening a door, for your re-entry Home.

You have a part to play within this time of rapid change. A higher potential of consciousness has been unveiled on Earth — and you are being called. An essential light is being revealed and activated this month for you to realign to the sacred frequency of Self. A powerful essence of light is engaging within your heart cells to support you, and guide you, as you choose to align within your heart on higher levels of reconnection that are waiting to reunite within your consciousness.

To participate, there are a series of simple steps for you to follow. Remember, this is a natural reinstatement of your essence, set in motion as you consciously choose to engage within this realignment into higher aspects of Truth with your heart cells.

Your vision opens you into a different perspective of your life as you re-engage within these higher elements of Truth. This allows the limited perceptions from your ego mind to be released, as you are naturally realigned to a higher state of knowing. You return yourself to the space of realignment to a higher light of consciousness. In Truth, you are the light, and only you can return yourself Homeward.

Inner Beliefs
At this juncture, your life is a mirror of your collective inner beliefs arising from either your ego mind and/or Higher Self. As you awaken into the higher realm perspective of Truth, there is a natural action of the interweaving of this higher-light consciousness. This can begin to flow within your daily experiences, opening up and revealing to you a deepening of understanding and clarity. These revelations open doorways of opportunity to create new avenues of experiences for you to engage within your world.

You will enable yourself to begin to view and interact within the multidimensional components, which have always co-existed within your planet. There is an access now for you to engage within the multidimensional realities to allow you to shift within a totally new environment of knowing and memory. Your higher nature is part of these pure planes of existence. The sacred aspect of your self has never been separate from these higher forms of love, which have always simultaneously co-existed on Earth. You are simply returning Home!

Life has become even more energetically intense on your planet and yet, within this arena of energy there is a simplicity that is held within this unfolding. You can access this sacred simplicity, which can be best described as focus points found within moments of your day.

You are being called to move within these sacred moments by being still and consciously letting go within the stillness. Allow your awareness to open up within any given moment and utilize the conscious breath (in and out of the mouth) within the space. As you reconnect into this sacred flowing moment, a perfect space of realignment to the light is opened to you. This conscious action by you repositions you dimensionally, moving you beyond the ego mind’s “needing to know and understand.” You are actually reconnecting to the higher realm component that exists on your Earth plane. This process is designed to align and anchor you to be able to move through each day with a peace and inner joy.

There is a rapid and ongoing transformation and transmutation process activating within your heart cells to allow this reconnection. As a multidimensional tool, your heart is going through an ongoing energetic upgrade, enabling you to move through into a state of multidimensional reconnections. These new states within the heart are realigning you to aspects of the collective consciousness of your God light. You are actively being repositioned within this vast ocean of light, returning Home.

Simultaneously, your human aspect is navigating and interacting within your third-dimensional world experiences. It is essential at this juncture that you are actively aware and engaging with both aspects of yourself. This is your next step to consciously engage with your human and sacred aspect during this powerful state of transition — channeling love from the higher realm aspect of yourself to your human aspect, bringing support to the more vulnerable parts of your human element as you move through your life experience.

Third-dimensional living is intense on your planet and this intensity is building in momentum. There are many moments of drama when your human aspect engages within the illusion of life. We wish to direct your attention to the parallel expression of the sacred that exists as you are engaged in those moments. This is the time for each one of you to consciously become aware of your sacred component, especially when you are in the middle of a drama in your life. You will find a powerful transformation begin to take place as you choose to simply link into your heart and move within the presence of your sacred, which is a natural part of your makeup.

Shifting Beyond
We wish to bring this to your attention: when you choose to consciously engage with Truth, which is you actively engaging with your sacred through your heart while you are living your third-dimensional human experience, you begin to automatically shift beyond these cycles of illusion and self-sabotage.

As you change the cycle of just living, being human and embrace your sacred, you begin to engage with the higher potential component of yourself. This aspect of yourself is opened up for you. Even if you engage with this Truth for one moment in a day, even if you are not sure that your sacred even exists, this does not matter. When you choose to change this pattern by consciously opening up, even for a moment, then every cell in your body transforms with light. You actually begin to emerge into a higher alignment to your God consciousness state of Self.

When you are feeling fear in a moment of life, open your awareness to align to the existence of your sacred self; a shift takes place within you and the feeling of fear begins to dissolve. This happens because aligning to the sacred moves you beyond the illusion where the fear exists.

As you open and address your sacred aspect through your heart, take a conscious breath and let go. The change is you letting go and moving into trust; the sacred part of you will do the rest. Make this conscious shift a few times a day and you will begin to eradicate a lot of old cycles and reestablish the higher aspect of your essence, creating a new flow in your life.

Sacred expression
Utilize moments to flow within the sacred expression of yourself, and in the same moment your human aspect can be held and supported in the love, which is naturally generated through your heart connection. Each one of you can be moved, repositioned by this sacred flow each day as you choose to actively engage within the higher path access that exists within your heart.

Your experiences can and will change within your world as you build reconnection to your heart. As you consciously engage, you will become aware of your higher purpose and new pathways will begin to open up to you. You can be self-empowered as you move yourself, and align yourself, to this new era, into a “new dawning of consciousness” that has always existed within you and now is awakened by you.

Being in your heart, living from your heart space, is the most important action that you can take now. This is your time to become more self-realized within your heart.

Your next step
Commitment and trust is your next step, wherever this takes you. Open to savor the beauty that exists all around you. It is through your heart connection that you can begin to re-access the magic in your day.

A simple activation process is designed to align you into your multidimensional heart, allowing you to engage beyond illusion of the ego mind:

Rest both your palms on your heart space (your entire chest area). Bring your awareness to your hands resting on your heart. This is your heart space! Claim your heart by taking a conscious breath and placing the breath within your heart. This is a monumental step, because you are consciously acknowledging this sacred doorway that exists within you.

As you take this step there is a natural activation and opening to the doorway within your heart. You have now begun to activate the powerful process of your re-awakening.

Each time you place the conscious breath within your heart cells, the connection deepens and opens further.

Divine vibration
You carry a unique Divine vibration within your voice. The sounds you make are like an imprint of a frequency that is recognized throughout the Universe, and your own heart cells begin to open and transform through your sound. We give to you a sacred sound that is designed to move you deeper within the multidimensional makeup of your heart. When you make this sound, the doorways of your heart open up and you are anchored deeper within the vastness of your heart. Your sound will set in motion a reconnection to the higher realm aspect of the sacred.

The sacred sound is DANTAE EE (pronounced DARN-TAY-EEE). Make the sound just once and feel, see or sense the energy flow within your heart. Simply be within the essence that begins to arise through your sound. Then begin to build into the sound, utilizing this sound in sets of three. Witness how your sound creates a vibrational echo within the space of your heart cells.

Remember, your heart is a multidimensional tool, so the sounds you make will move you into diverse elemental states and spaces that possibly will feel unfamiliar. Just let go and allow your experiences to unfold. Know that all of these spaces that you are accessing are higher aspects and elements of the sacred of you.

Repeat this process daily and allow a “letting go” to unfold within your heart. Don’t assess your progress with your ego mind. Remember, your ego mind will not understand this process, and it has a total misperception and misunderstanding of it. Simply be committed to letting go and trusting, allowing this process to reactivate sacred reunion within your heart.

We witness you as you claim your rightful place within the collective that exists beyond illusion, within the Higher Realm consciousness of your God light. Blessings, The Pleiadians.


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