How to Heal Your Nervous System


Our nervous system takes a beating. We carry large amounts of stress. We are surrounded by electronic devices, WiFi and EMFs. We go through more life change in this age. We are likely to experience divorce, death of a loved one and other major changes before the age of 40. Our environment is toxic. We struggle to drink clean water and eat clean food.

Does reading this create stress?

When our nervous system gets overloaded, we start to experience symptoms. You may have pain or tingling in your hands or feet. You can experience numbness or neuropathy in your limbs. Waking up and finding your hand asleep can be a sign that your peripheral nerves are burdened. You can experience zings of pain that come out of nowhere, ice-pick pain, twitches, tingles or shaking. Even feeling sensitive to noise or light is a reflection of the burden on our nervous system.

How do you fix it?

I was exposed to toxic mold in 2011 and it shut down my body’s ability to eliminate toxins. The toxin overload in my body burned out my peripheral nerves and I experienced neuropathy over 80 percent of my body. I also had twitches at night when I tried to fall asleep. It was scary. I looked to my holistic practice to find a way to heal my body. I was able to fully recover all of my nerves within 90 days using the following protocol:

Ashwaghanda — This is an Ayurvedic herb and is also an adaptogen. Ashwaghanda becomes what you need it to be in the body. It also happens to be an herb that helps your nerves reach out and reconnect with one another. I recommend Banyan Botanical’s Adrenal Nourish, one cap in the morning and one cap at night.

Brain Wave Therapy — There are hundreds of incredible meditations on YouTube that incorporate sound and brain waves in order to heal the nervous system. I recommend listening to one for an hour at night before bed.

Yoga — Yoga is an incredible force when it comes to your nervous system. I recommend practicing gentle yoga. Child’s pose and Chakravakasana (cat-cow) are excellent postures to support your nervous system.

Meditation — Turn off the electronics. Go out in nature. Be still and breathe. Deep breathing and mindfulness meditation slow down your nervous system and remove your brain and body from fight-and-flight responses. If you can become quiet and still, you will find relief even from the toughest symptoms.

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Lisa M. Gunshore
Lisa M. Gunshore's spiritual and psychic gifts came to her through the generations of women in her family. She is the fourth generation of an incredible group of gifted healers, mediums and channels. Since 2006 she has been supporting clients through psychic readings, visiting the Akashic Records, connecting to teachers and loved ones and journeying to different Lokas or dimensions. She specializes in helping clients transition out of or recover from toxic situations, and she helps her clients heal through soul retrieval, self-inquiry and spiritual practices. Her book, Enlightenment Pie, provides more information on healing through spiritual practice. Visit



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