Plugging into Gaia: Accessing Earth Energy


We live in a world that is constantly demanding our attention. It draws upon our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual energy for various tasks that we must complete as part of our day-to-day life. We can unplug from what is draining us and tap into the most plentiful source of energy: the Earth.

I like to refer to the Earth not as an “it” but as a “Her.” We are always influenced by the Earth. Our bodies are attuned to her magnetic energies that arise. We gain all of our foodstuffs and material resources from her, and our bodies will eventually break down into her, as well.

I personify the Earth, or Gaia, not just for spiritual reasons, but to acknowledge the gift of life she is constantly bestowing upon us. To connect to Earth is to really connect to the source of all that we are materially, our place in the world, and to our essential nature as part of the cycle of life and death. To reflect on this connection spiritually is to embrace a pantheistic outlook: we are all connected to the Earth and all living things.

Studies have shown (see the resource at the end of this article) that being in nature has holistic benefits. My family and I enjoy camping and being in the outdoors — reconnecting with Gaia — and the time we spend outdoors heals and restores us on a deep and personal level. Our lives are filled with work, school and various commitments and, unfortunately, it is not always convenient to get outside and recharge, but that connection to Gaia can still be accessed in the meditative and spiritual tool of grounding and centering.

Grounding is simple in concept. It is the idea of metaphysically aligning your energy, or chi, with that of the Earth, cycling that energy, and integrating it by centering it within yourself. Trees are experts at this, and if you hug a tree (yes, I am a hippy) for a few minutes, you will feel the effect.

To do this in the comfort of your own home, you will want to try the following technique:

1. Sit or lie down comfortably.

2. Breathe as deeply and as slowly as you are able.

3. Imagine and feel the energy above your head and feel it slowly descend through your head and neck.

4. See (with your mind’s eye) and feel the energy moving further down past your head and neck, through your torso, your waist, your legs and down through your feet.

5. When you are at your feet, imagine the energy moving past your feet, past the ground, and through the Earth.

6. Imagine and feel the energy going further until it goes to the core of the Earth.

7. Breathe deeply, feel the connection to the Earth, and feel gravity comfortably bringing the energy of your body to the core.

8. Rest comfortably in that connection for some time.

9. Still breathing deeply, imagine the energy coming from the core of the Earth, traveling upward through the ground and back through your body — all the way to the crown of your head.

10. Rest comfortably in that connection. When you breathe in, feel your connection from the core of the Earth and through your body. Pause for a moment. Breathing out, feel the energy from your head, through your body, and back to Earth.

11. Take time to let the energies soak through your body, rejuvenate you and remove any negativity, stress or tension.

12. When you are ready to finish, focus on your center. This is your center of gravity, your dan tien, or your core. It is sometimes located below your navel. Focus any excess energy in your center.

13. Breathe in and out, feeling your rejuvenated center. Open your eyes if they were closed, and take a few moments to pause and feel in your body.

The above technique can be used as part of a regular meditation practice, or just when you need it. While this does not replace fostering a healthy connection to the Earth, it can at least help to build that connection and act as a therapeutic technique to cope with daily life.

Spending at least 120 Minutes a Week in Nature is associated with Good Health and Well-being:


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