Spiritual Reasons for the Plugged-In Generation


LeAnne had been to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota for a condition she had. They couldn’t help her, so she headed back home to Phoenix on a train. In the seat facing her were a mother and a young boy. He was 4 years old.

LeAnne was reading The ECK-Vidya: Ancient Science of Prophecy, by Paul Twitchell, the modern-day founder of Eckankar. For a bookmark she was using a portrait chart of the ECK Masters. As she placed it on the seat beside her, the little boy hopped up and looked at the pictures. As he looked, he pointed and said, “I know him. I know him. I know him. I know her.” And that, of course, would be Kata Daki, a female ECK Master.

LeAnne had written a quote from the book Those Wonderful ECK Masters on the back of the portrait chart, and the mother was reading it now. It said, “The ECK Masters act as coaches, not mediators, for would anyone dare to come between God and man? They advise people of the most direct route to God.”

The boy then asked, “Mom, is it okay if I sit with her?” The woman and the boy were of one race, and LeAnne was another race. In these times of “we see no color” and all this, well, these things are factors. So the mother looked at LeAnne, probably with an eyebrow raised to ask, “Is it okay if he sits with you?” LeAnne smiled. The mother agreed then, of course.

A Train Ride to Past Lives
The little boy sat next to LeAnne, and she put her arm around him. He started showing her his computer games. His mother had been working on her computer, and the boy had been working on his. He was showing LeAnne all the different things he did.

But in the meantime, he had identified himself as being familiar with the ECK Masters. And at some point in the future, he’s going to again run into Eckankar in one way or another. Then he’ll remember and say, “Oh, yeah, way back then.” Simply because LeAnne was being an instrument of Divine Spirit. She was doing her part by being open and friendly to these two people, the mother and her child. The boy was full of life, a very bright child.

Past Lives of the Plugged-In Generation
A while ago someone said to me, “Do you realize that the children who are coming in now are of an entirely different kind? You have 2 year olds who know how to work the different electronic devices. They just know how.”

They’re entirely different, maybe as different as we were from our grandparents when we were born. A big jump, a generation leap.

It’s not so uncommon, because the ones who are coming back now were here before. And not just here on the physical plane, but also on some of the other planes (heavens), studying hard for this lifetime.

A Spiritual Exercise to Be Shown Past Lives
In contemplation, sing the word ECK-Vidya (pronounced ehk-VEE-dyah). Ask the Mahanta (the inner spiritual guide) to show you any past life you may have had, and clues to its bearing on your life today.

Imagine he escorts you to a library on the inner planes and hands you a particular book. You accept the book and see there is an illustration on the cover. It may be a geometric symbol, a map, or the face of a person. There is also a word to note or chant. Follow the Inner Master’s guidance.

This may bring a cleanup of something in your life. A relationship may polish itself, a knot may untangle, or a satisfying resolution to an old problem may unfold.

Be aware of this action of the Mahanta’s love.


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