The Crossroads of the Coronavirus Disruption


The coronavirus COVID-19 situation is causing so much disruption in our lives. Many are being forced to stay home, a concept that is foreign to people who live busy lives. Our concerns and stress during this time of extreme uncertainty are very real, yet have you stopped to ponder the deeper meaning of why this may be happening? And what you, as an individual, should do?

As a Board Certified Hypnotist for 25 years, I’ve had the honor and privilege of assisting clients to access their subconscious, and sometimes, superconscious mind. Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness where the subconscious mind is in a place of focused awareness. A person in a hypnotic state is very relaxed and, while shutting out noise from the outside world, can tap into their inner knowing, become open to shift old patterns and receive positive thoughts for change.

Over the years, I have also learned to help people connect with their own wise mind. One of the highlights of my career has been to observe and assist a client who channeled higher sources of wisdom that were concerned that humanity had swayed so far from the true intention of human existence that a major world disruption would occur. They communicated this wakeup call was coming and what we could do to shift the world toward a better, healthier direction. Their message was very clear.

It is necessary to shift the enormous amount of negativity in today’s world to a more positive state. While we are isolated in our homes during this time of crisis, there is actually a great deal we can do to shift our mental, emotional and physical state of being so that we may emerge as more positive, more healthy humans — and collectively, shift our world. We are at a crossroads. Let’s take the positive road to healing and to happier, healthier and more positive lives together.

Here’s what we can do:

• Connect with other human beings — You may think we are more connected via technology, but we have become more physically distant. Technology has been detrimental to our mental and physical wellness. Today, with social distancing, it’s extra challenging. Start by reconnecting with those who give you joy or who you live with. Shut off the TV, put down your phone and play a game together. Call a valued friend or family member. As human beings, it is built into our nature to connect with others.

• Embrace nature — It is a gift. Be grateful for it. Step outside and slowly breathe in the fresh air, feel the warm sun on your face, gaze at the clouds like you did when you were a child. Connect with the trees, the birds and other amazing animals with us. Be thankful for the moment.

• Do what brings you joy — Journal, do simple crafts, play that old guitar, cook a healthy meal with your family and make it fun. Creativity and joy stimulates positive thoughts and feelings. We need it now more than ever.

• Smile and laugh — Take a break from the Coronavirus news. Pop in a movie that’s bound to make you and those around you to laugh. Laughter is the best medicine.

• Ask for assistance — We are encouraged to ask for assistance from our amazing guides to help with healing for ourselves and others. It is a beautiful experience to feel as if we are helping another simply by asking from our heart to lift another’s energy.

• Make healthy choices — Be it choices for the foods we eat, the thoughts we think or the things we watch, read or listen to, make the best choices for your health on all levels — mind, body and spirit. Get back to basics with general cleanliness practices.

• Choose spiritual practices that resonate — If you have gotten away from what grounds you, re-introduce Reiki, meditation, Yoga, prayer, exercise, hiking, dancing or singing. These are just some examples.

These simple acts can make a huge difference in your mental and physical health, with a ripple effect throughout your family and those you touch. Let’s get back to basics for each of our sakes and the world at large.

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Lois Hermann
Lois Hermann is a Board-Certified Hypnotist, Certified Instructor, Certified NLP Trainer, Reiki Master-Teacher, and multi-registered medical professional. She is passionate about sharing ways to bring positivity into your life and the lives of families and friends — for individual wellness as well as for the health of our world. Tune into her radio show on Sunday mornings, “Inspiring Hope with Lois Hermann,” read her book, Chronicles of Hope™, and visit and She can be reached at [email protected] or 844.777.7812.


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