You’re Losing Your Senses


As technology grows, so does the desire to want to stay connected to it and the pull to leave our spirit and connect more to the physical body. We’ve lost sight of who we truly are: spiritual beings.

The “spirit energy” part of us yearns to connect with the energy that the Earth provides, such as nature, other human spirits and animals, however, we would rather watch the news, retweet horrible conversations and engage in debate. This, in turn, causes us to feel depressed and stressed out, and express hate for the world.

Honestly, if we look at the amount of mental corruption that comes when we engage with technology, we would refocus our attention on our “spirit energy.” Structuring our lives with more of what God intended for us and less of what the world deems as essential would allow us to feel free once again.

Admittedly, technology is a great thing, for it can connect us to positive things, but we shouldn’t be so attached that we never put the phone down and ignore the smell of roses or the sway of trees in the wind. I am starting to believe that we are losing the power of three of our senses — smelling, hearing and tasting — and are over-utilizing our vision through the use of technology. When God created us, he intended for us to enjoy the Earth, so he gave us the ability to see color, taste delicious foods, smell the scent of the ocean, hear the songs of birds and touch a baby’s soft skin. However, our quickening pace of life doesn’t give us time to enjoy the small things in life. We are too busy on social media wanting to see who has the biggest house and wondering how we can get a bigger one.

It’s high time that we get outside and walk around the yard without socks to feel the tickling of the grass or run around in the rain splashing in the puddles.

To fully enjoy all of the Earth’s pleasures, we must begin to engage with the things of the Earth. It’s that simple. So, today go and splash around in the puddles, make a mud pie and do all the things a child would do! As a matter of fact, get the kids out of the house and allow them to show you how to have real fun, without judgment.

Technology has its place in the world and that’s fantastic, but if you haven’t had time to look up in the sky and allow the sun to beam on your face because you are too busy looking down at your phone or computer, you aren’t living — you’re only existing.

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Tammy Williams
Tammy Williams is a Spiritual Teacher at the Lifting Veils Spiritual call line. She also is a part of a not-for-profit organization called New Directions Outreach Ministries that feeds children after school and gives them transportation to visit parents in local prisons. Her passion is helping others to connect their spirit to God and the Earth.


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