A Pleiadian Message: Amidst the Chaos, a Divine Light Alters Our Consciousness


Beloved ones, we greet you. The wheel turned and the winds of change entered your Earth’s atmosphere. This energy that has created a mirage began to flow outwards across your planet, gradually touching all of humanity. The essence of this flow moves and continues to spread its tentacles rapidly throughout your societies. This happening heralds a destiny moment that will forever shift the landscape within your communities, and it has begun to dramatically alter the energetic framework that has held the frequency of illusion firmly in place on your Earth plane for lifetimes.

The majority of you are taking a huge next step forward here on Earth — and some of you will take your next step forward by exiting this Earth plane. In reality, there is no such thing as death. Some of you are leaving this incarnation to move on to new pathways, as all is in Divine order. This may not seem to be the truth within the framework of illusion, however within your own heart you can find peace and the rightness of this time as it unfolds.

As you have entered this timeframe of complete global chaos, as this viral-like energy continues to expand, simultaneously a highly transforming higher resonance of light is opening and being set in motion. This Divine light is creating a complete multidimensional energetic reset within your Earth plane to create a much needed, lasting change of altered consciousness on the planet.

Further revelations are to be unearthed on the planet in the months to come. Do not be afraid or disturbed by what you witness. This is a necessary dynamic reset that is in motion to create the necessary shifts. Humanity as a whole is transiting through a huge transmutation on a worldwide scale, which is essential to the planet’s ultimate success to move into a new era of awakening. Many illusions are being actively shattered within your societies and your day-to-day lives to create this essential change.

We, the Pleiadians alongside the rest of the universal community and the spiritual realms hold the doorway open, creating stability for you to navigate through and reunite within Truth.

Gateway of Light
As a result of this gateway of light, the higher realms are becoming easier for you to access. A series of transmissions of pure forms of light are coming onto the Earth plane to build a redesigned network to expand the vortexes and grids throughout the planet. Yes, this is part of the accelerated galactic activity that many people are witnessing within the night sky. They are playing their role to actively engage and support this acceleration, initiating a deepening anchor of these necessary energetic changes within the grids on the Earth plane to enable this transition. This is a profound time of change.

Early in April Venus aligned with the Pleiades and just a few days later a Jupiter/Pluto conjunction took place, resulting in the birthing of another higher realm gateway, which is currently interacting energetically within a gateway that opened in January 2020 in Uluru, Australia.

This gateway allows you, and all of humanity, to begin another aspect of your individual journey. This is an initiation passage that allows you to reenter a multidimensional process of your reawakening by taking a leap forward, reconnecting with your higher dimensional consciousness through the utilization of this light. It gives you a re-access point to an expanded pathway into your multidimensional heart frequency.

Understand that the process that is now underway is geared towards completely shattering the dimensional realm of illusion that has been anchored on your planet. A releasing of the density throughout your Earth has been taking place to enable you to re-enter an alternate time continuum. This access will allow greater change to unfold within your consciousness. Literally, you will be untethered to any aspect of the illusion and enabled to reestablish a stabilized connection to the higher realm reality settings of Truth, which exists beyond the illusion timeline.

Energetic Terrain
Current transmissions are coming directly from us, the Pleaidians, to prepare and support all of you in actively and consciously launching yourself into this alternate energetic terrain. Over the coming months you will transit through many veils of illusion to re-enter multidimensional realms of existence. This will open you into a further understanding of your sacred nature within higher consciousness states. At this time you are being asked to open into conscious moments of stillness. Simply BE — and take conscious ownership of your heart. Let go in these moments and witness your own unfolding within this higher spectrum of communion that can exist for you within, as you still yourself.

You can begin to actively receive this higher light flow connection as you utilize the conscious breath — in through the mouth and out through the mouth. The breath opens you to receive direct transmissions from the gateway, allowing the expanded flow to move directly within your heart. Conscious action by you can begin to fulfill another level of the prophecy of your self-realization, which is being made possible at this destiny moment for all humans who choose this path.

Vast higher opportunities are being made available to each one of you as you are being given passage into this other access point to the higher realms through the heart into these gateway frequencies. These openings are designed to move you beyond the current illusion here on Earth, realigning your consciousness to alternate multidimensional realities of your higher nature.

The intentions you set in place for yourself within this higher realm setting are vitally important right now. We wish to remind you that your intensions set in motion a higher flow of potential as they engage within the light from the gateway. The frequency created by your intention is much more potent because the higher realm flow is reactive to your conscious intent as you open into your heart. Fully utilize this time, which is filled with unlimited possibilities of unfoldment for you.

Lives upended
The third-dimensional picture is dire according to the limited perception of the ego mind. Your lives are being upended on so many levels, including your deeply imbedded fear on a financial level. Loss of finances accelerates the fear of the ego mind. These feelings of “not knowing” are designed to create confusion and disorientation to the ego mind.

This happening is allowing you to work from another aspect of your sacred potential, because the ego mind is compromised by being “out of control.” You can more easily navigate your reconnection to the higher realms while the ego mind is in this confused state.

Instead of reacting to the ego mind, enter your heart — and connect to the higher realms via your heart. This is a time for radical change within you. At this juncture you can take advantage of these unique sets of circumstances and set in motion this greater potential to realign within the natural sacred aspect of yourself. Through this disarmament of your ego mind, you are being given the grace to utilize and channel this powerful frequency of dimensional light.

Your ego mind will have moments of feeling the fear and struggle associated by the changes taking place in your life right now. In those moments of feeling out of control, choose to utilize the conscious breath and simply let go. This will set in motion a reconnection to your heart. Choose to move yourself past the illusion of lack, fear or struggle by aligning within your heart and connecting into another space of being.

This is a self-resurrection process. A resurrection will occur within you as you continuously utilize the conscious breath. Open into your heart and utilize these opportunities as they arise by creating conscious, sacred moments to reconnect with yourself.

Work to actively let go as you deal with the “seeming reality” of your changed lifestyle. Navigate yourself away from the drama, and away from the stories perpetuated by your ego mind, by taking action with the conscious breath within your heart. You get to create a new way of being as you make conscious change within you. This is achieved one moment at a time, step by step.

Do not look for perfection — simply moments of conscious change in your reaction by taking a different action in the moment compared to your ego mind’s response of your fear or struggle.

Know that you are not alone. Open up and call forward the energetic help that you require now. Open up to what you need and be specific; be detailed in what you ask for. Play your role in this process by holding steady within your heart as you ask for this help. Remember the power of setting in motion the flow associated with your intentions and heart’s desire. You will need to continue to create moments of stillness, consciously building a solid communion within your heart to the higher realm aspect of Self.

Utilize the new format that your life has taken right now. These changes in routine create openings of opportunity for your transition. You can create a series of perfect moments of experience that you need for your next steps of awakening and receive that which is necessary for your livelihood.

You hold the keys to the multidimensional doorways that make up your heart. This is the time to create moments of reconnection within your heart to enable this transmutation process to unfold. This is a powerful time for each one of you to reunite into a series of higher consciousness reality settings while your ego mind is distracted and reeling.

You are being called to set in motion another step of your destiny, through a reunion with your higher nature. This is the time to begin to reopen and align consciously to your God light. Your conscious breath will play a key role in your process. This breath is a powerful tool to navigate entry within your heart.

Light of Communion
This is your journey. Be committed to the birthing moments within your sacred heart and allow a communion to grow between you and others within your communities. Be focused on building the light and holding this light of communion between your collective hearts to shine brightly across your Earth.

This is the time to join with others energetically to form a higher order of communion within your communities. This is the time for you to allow a further birthing within your community and to reveal your unique light within your heart to others within a higher framework. Take the time to set in motion a coming together in a conscious state of union on a regular basis. You are able to form a series of communion lines between the hearts of two or more persons.

Collectively, as conscious communities, you align in communion — and you will make the difference for all of humanity. This is a destiny call. Those of you who are on the path are to bring your Earth plane to another place of consciousness. This can be achieved through your direct conscious action of agreement, by coming together energetically.

Find a common physical location in which to focus, perhaps a sanctuary in a meeting place, or a space in someone’s home. A physical focus point needs to be established where everyone can meet energetically. First, connect through your physical heart space before moving your awareness to the location where you will meet in communion. Then, open your awareness and allow the building of your group communion. Set a time to begin and end this communion.

There should be no personal ego-mind-orientated goal associated with this energetic communion meeting, simply the process of the blending of consciousness within your combined hearts. This action creates a perfect frequency to create a network of unique Divine light between you. This network frequency is required to support the further opening and anchoring of the higher realm alternate reality dimensions on your Earth plane.

We salute your courage and hold you in love as we continue to witness you as you unfold. Blessings, The Pleaidians.

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Christine Day
Christine Day is a leading spiritual teacher, healer, channel and author. Following a traumatic childhood in her native Australia, Christine was diagnosed with advanced Systemic Lupus at the age of 31 and given a short time to live. Shortly afterward, she experienced a profound spiritual awakening with the Pleiadians, the energy of which moved her to a place of complete self-healing. Since then Christine has been presenting Pleiadian Events, Seminars and Transmissions of Light throughout the United States and internationally. Visit www.ChristineDayOnline.com.


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