Ascension and the Coronavirus: Holy Divine Healing with Dr. Dan Mathews


Throughout this unprecedented era of the coronavirus, chiropractor and spiritual healer Dr. Dan Mathews of Little Rock, Arkansas, continued his work, offering Holy Divine Healing to people, one at a time, in person when it was safe to do so and over the phone when it was not.

Dr. Mathews had planned to return to the Twin Cities May 13 to present a full-day workshop, but due to gathering restrictions, that event is canceled. A Group Healing Event will take place by teleconference only on May 16. As you share your gifts and your unique vibration, the group energy created together will assist to uplift the vibration of the planet and assist in expanding human consciousness.

The event includes a Q & A. Register for the Group Healing Event ($35) on or before May 5. Checks are accepted or pay online at Contact Terri at 651.442.4623 or [email protected].

He will offer private sessions remotely by phone throughout the month of May, beginning May 6. Schedule your private healing session on or before May 5 by contacting Terri at 651.442.4623 or [email protected]. After May 6, contact Dr. Mathews directly and leave a message to schedule your session at 501.416.1996.

“According to our calculations,” he said, “I don’t think the virus is on the planet anymore. We did a service on it last night and it looks like it’s lifted off. It says it’s left the planet. That’s all it’s really told me, and so we’ll see how that manifests in people’s lives.”

Dr. Mathews emerged from a near-death experience 25 years ago with knowledge of how to connect people with their “indwelling God Presence.” Since that time he has remained consciously in communication with the Beings of Light that he encountered during the “death” experience. An ordained minister in the order of Melchizedek and a humble servant of the living God that beats our hearts, he is completely devoted to his path of uplifting humanity and the planet with his gift. [Read Holy Divine Healing Interview 2019]

We spoke about the coronavirus, the scheduled Armageddon and Rapture in 2022, and much more.

Did you get any information about why this virus came in the first place?
Yes, I learned a lot about of things through this crisis and one of them is about the flesh body of our soul. That’s what you see when you look in the mirror. It’s of the Earth as much as an amoeba or an earthworm, and when your life force checks out of it, it goes back to the Earth. Human is an actual band of consciousness that we call belief.

There are problems with belief consciousness. One is the consciousness of separation. It’s what separates people from one another in their religions, in gender and race, but it also separates humanity from its Divine Source. It makes them think God is somewhere they are not, like on the other side of the clouds in Heaven — and that moves your light outside of you and that’s why people cast a shadow. It also makes you vulnerable to a whole list of Earth pathogens of bacterial and viral nature, because the flesh body of your soul cannot be protected when it’s disconnected from its Divine Source.

What effect does the Holy Divine healing that you offer have on the virus?
If I have worked on a person a couple of times and they’re into the Ascension Ladder — making it up through the Christ Matrix grid connections — their cosmic being activates and it has tools to be utilized on our human expressions that are problematic. They are raised up to the cosmic level where they’re holy and Divine, and this will lift them out of the range of vulnerability.

These are tools that come to us from Source?
Everybody presents with them if their cosmic being is activated, and it will be what their inner holiness wants me to utilize on them for that session, to help them take their next steps into Ascension and be integrated with knowing, which only comes from our inner Divinity. Having that connection with our inner Divinity — and if your heart beats, it’s in there — is really the whole key of moving out of the human realm of belief consciousness and becoming a holy being once again with a knowing consciousness.

That means that each of us has the potential to return to where we came, right?
Yes, exactly. I’ve never seen a person that didn’t. Overcoming your human condition of belief consciousness and having a negative ego to contend with is the challenge for every person. It’s about getting those components that are so foul and against the Divine flow of life and their negative expression back into their holy order of a positive expression. The ego body of the human will go from giving out fear, pain and punishment until your soul vessel gets healed and you return to your holy order, then it gives you appreciation, approval and acceptance. The big difference is consciousness. When you’re disconnected from Divine Source, you only have the consciousness of programming from the authority of your outer world. That’s how it starts for everybody as a child. The big people in your life — your mom or dad or religion or school teachers, the authorities of your life — wind up programming your belief process. Belief is our opinion about what we don’t have knowing of.

The key is to move everything from belief to knowing?
That’s right, and only ones connected to our inner holiness know what that direction is, and that’s my gift. I have a gift to serve others by doing the will of their inner holiness for them. It’s a perfect expression of the parable of Christ Consciousness, and that’s what I advocate for all people to do as a method of handling their problems, worries and concerns.

When Dr. Mathews was on “the other side,” he was given the message that the primary reason for our existence was to learn to trust our Indwelling Holiness, which is to live in trust, to live in Christ Consciousness. This is the prayer that Dan was provided to share with others. If you say it daily upon rising, it can change your life for the better in as short a time as two weeks.

Christ Consciousness Prayer
Indwelling Holiness that Beats my Heart,
I accept all issues in my life as my own and I forgive myself for all negative experiences and any harm caused.
I now surrender all worries, problems and concerns in my life to you as I yield to your will in my life.
I take my next step in trusting you without having to understand what is around the next corner.
I ask you for guidance. Please show me the way.

What actually takes place during a Holy Divine Healing?
First, I say a little prayer something like, “This session is orchestrated by the Living Holiness that beats Tim’s heart, that then is a servant with the Christed Consciousness.” Then, there are four questions I ask, and when I get a “yes” on all four of them, I’ll proceed on and receive information from the person’s Indwelling Holiness on what we need to work on. I never have a clue until it tells us, and then we’re off to doing it.

How has the pandemic affected your work with Holy Divine Healing?
Well, if my readings were correct and the virus is off the planet, the numbers will show that. There’ll be a sharp decline. I’m still being told that I’m going to Indianapolis, Indiana, a week from this coming Wednesday.

I’ve said that everything’s going to be on track, and I’ll be out there. I had to cut my Texas trip in March two days short because I didn’t want to take a chance on exposing my hostesses, who are elderly people with health issues. So, I came on home and I’ve been doing work with lots of people over the phone. I’m really thankful that this works just as good over the phone as it does in person.

We took the final step of the zenith of the Ascension Ladder in Texas in March in my three group healings. We now have Goddess Consciousness integrated into the hard drive of the Earth grid for humanity and for the Earth. The higher up the Ascension Ladder we go, the deeper our shadow is purged, and the latest group healings purged the deepest depth of the shadow, which is death and fear. Fear of death is the depth of our shadow and this coronavirus was the catalyst to purge that out of the world — and it has done a very good job of that. In the bigger picture of life, that was its purpose, to purge the fear of death out of people.

As you know, it’s not fun to purge, but it was very necessary in order for the new Holy O Earth — which will take the place of the downfall world in a few more years — to be purer. You have to lance an abscess to get a wound to heal. That’s what this purge really has been about.

We’ve had a global purging of the shadow through this pandemic.
Exactly. Once we get on the other side of this a little bit, people on the cutting edge of higher consciousness will have an awakening that the Kingdom of God is within them — and it is their inner Divinity. That will bring their light back inside of them and they’ll no longer cast a shadow. Belief consciousness makes people think God is somewhere It’s not, and that takes your light outside of you. People have a shadow because they were disconnected from their inner Divinity by their belief process.

But you know, belief is better than the unbelief of the first and second paradigm. Those people are normally locked up in institutions like prisons because they are violent. For those in the first and second paradigm, their first step of Ascension is to be indoctrinated into a belief process of an authority outside of them or a higher power with the savior model to lift them up to the third paradigm — and that’s a tremendous accomplishment. I credit religion for doing that.

Yet, the next step up is to shed the belief and to become connected once again to your inner Divinity so that you can receive knowing consciousness. That makes all the difference in the world. It immunes you from Earth pathogens and it allows you to reassume your sacred path and to overcome through a purge the problems of the downfall world while still retaining the understanding you acquire by having these lessons in life void of knowing consciousness. So, we take our understanding and combine it with the knowing of our Divine origin and we have evolved to become a holy being that not only knows, but understands all of life.

That was the purpose of the school of understanding that we call the downfall world, because we had to be dumbed down to go to it. You’ve got to check your knowing in at the door and consent to have your trinity disassembled — and from there you get the find your way back home.

That is almost completed in the history of our evolution — and all of these problems will be leaving with it when the new Holy O Earth takes over after the Armageddon and Rapture events in 2022. Armageddon is the end of the world of belief consciousness. The Rapture is a redistribution of people into eight civilizations of the New Holy O Earth, so that they’re in the correct environment for their continued unfoldment and Ascension. They’re both very positive things that are part of the purification of the New Holy O Earth, and that’s all scheduled for 2022. I don’t know the month or the date yet. It’s all leading to a much better world. It’s about becoming the holy being that we were created to be originally in the first place.

Is there anything that we, as individuals, should be doing in preparation for that 2022 event of moving from belief to knowing?
Yes, there is — and it all starts with our problems. Whenever we have problems, worries and concerns, there are two options of how to handle that. If you try to figure it out and fix it yourself, which is what a human does, then you’re coming from your beliefs. You’re going to go down the path of the negative ego that’s going to dole out fear, pain and punishment to you by defending and justifying the belief system it imposes on your Self, and that’s not a fun experience.

The other thing to do is to start practicing the parable of being the Christed being. A Christed being surrenders its problems, worries and concerns to its higher power to be dealt with — their inner Divinity. All you have to do to lift all burden, stress and strain off of you is to yield to the will of your inner holiness. That means to start following the whispering voice and gut knowing that you’re given and show up in your day without apprehension and worry. Take your step in trusting the Divine flow of life. That puts you into connection with this Divine flow that opens the door wide for miracles of opportunity and goodness to come into your life.

People don’t realize it when they are functioning from belief, but they’re actually telling the Holy Order what It’s allowed to be or they’re not going to accept it. Belief makes people a knucklehead, and also you cannot heal ignorance with belief; that requires knowledge and understanding. Belief actually creates a culture that allows ignorance to exist. Belief disconnects you from Divine Source, and it’s not a good place to be. But we can overcome things. It’s all about expanding our consciousness and having an open heart and mind and allowing the Holy Order to show, tell and lead us instead of us telling It what It’s allowed to be.

How is humanity doing overall? Is there a good flow of people that are moving in the right direction at this time?
Definitely! It’s very impressive. Going around the country doing what I do, I see people that I’ve never worked on before and they’re up the Ascension Ladder to cosmic consciousness and Goddess Consciousness. These are the results of the group healings we do around the country. When you integrate these steps of Ascension into the hard drive of the Earth grid, everybody on the planet stews in this stuff.

There are 177 million lightworkers on the planet, and all of our sacred gifts are unique. They’re like snowflakes, and they all come from the same Source. They are quite interchangeable. People are getting through their own willingness to open their hearts and minds and seek the Holy Order. It’s all in harmony and all good things are supportive and nurturing to one another. I see every day how powerful that is, and it’s amazing! People are awakening every day. It’s like popcorn; we don’t all pop at the same time, but most of us pop. It’s happening!

You just talked about the results you’ve seen from the group healings, and during those group healings you receive messages. What are the latest messages you’ve been receiving related to the healing of humanity and the Earth?
Something that I discovered in February at our group healing in New Orleans was about the inner Earth. I didn’t realize the impact of the inner Earth in the overall scheme of the Ascension process. It’s like the core of what has to be right. The inner Earth is like a cavernous bulb in the Earth and it contains three major parts: the Great Central Sun, the Christ Matrix Grid, and the South Pole. The South Pole is not only the entry into the inner Earth, it totally lines the inner bulb.

I’ve never seen a worse train wreck when I got in there initially. It was really totally messed up and it was a big reason for the human condition of pain, misery, lack and limitation on the planet. It was about getting that realigned and cleaned up and those three parts back into a trinity of O-ness — and getting the blocks out of the way. That’s where I saw the brown ray fracture. We wanted an expansion of the 13 dimensional matrix, because it connected our Spirit body to our root chakra. The root chakra is another expression of the inner Earth. That broken brown ray was causing Goddess Consciousness to short-circuit at the inner Earth. It was not integrated into it. That’s actually what was corrected last night, taking the coronavirus off the planet.

It’s very interesting how we are holographically connected to the big picture. When we were holy beings of the Holy-O before the downfall world existed back in the ancient world, we were in a different celestial outlay. We were in a nine-cluster mechanism of the All That Is of the Holy-O, which has over 62 million plus Oniverses. It was this Oniverse that we’re in right here where a tenth of it was fractured off at the Big Bang to create the Universe. Its purpose is to house the downfall world, the school of understanding.

That caused a tremendous rift in our own trinity of our soul, Spirit and presence, because our presence is our own Oniversal law, our Spirit is our own Cosmic law, and our soul body is our own Galactic law. When a tenth of this Oniverse fractured off, the Universe took 76 cosmoses with it, out of the 763 that this Oniverse had, and it put a core fracturing into our trinity of our soul, Spirit and presence. That fracture just healed through the cosmic unity tool, which is one of the six tools of our cosmic being. It reintegrates you into your inner Divinity, but it takes you through the inner Earth, Earth, galaxy, cosmos, Oniverse, Nine Clusters, into your inner Divinity, and reestablishes the Truth that allows your trinity to be solid and not have a core fracture anymore. So, that was really big.

There are a lot of things to fix. This light stuff got broke every possible way. Going through this is like going through a salvage yard with all the crashed vehicles. You just take one step at a time and allow the inner Divinity of the person to lead, and it has a perfect plan for everyone.

And, yet, using the analogy of your work in a salvage yard, your group healings will do things like remove all the rust off all the cars all at one time, so it serves a good purpose.
Yeah, it really does, and it allows people to stew in the frequencies of higher consciousness. That’s exactly what is fueling their purge. If you have awareness and understanding of all of this, it makes it so much easier than going through this in the dark, totally lost and not having any understanding at all. That’s a very frightful place to be.

We try to get it out to everybody, but they have to accept it. Belief is what will close people’s minds in a heartbeat. In most of life, a person only has a sliver of expertise. They’ve done their life and they know all about that, but when they start looking at the rest of the bigger picture, which they don’t have any knowing of, well, it’s just their opinion about what they don’t know. Fat chance it’s going to hold up to be truthful. It’s like when you’re in a box you don’t know what’s outside the box, and so that’s the problem with belief. Weirdly enough, it wants to make up all the rules about what higher consciousness has to be about or it’s not going to accept it. So it’s not only ignorant, it’s a knucklehead, and everybody’s got one of those to contend with. That makes this job a lot more difficult than it would have to be otherwise.

Right, because you have some people who are trying to reinforce their guesses of what it’s all about.
That’s the second paradigm, one of the biggest areas of purging. That’s where all political processes are at. What’s actually wrong with it is that it’s being held in the second paradigm, in the reality of duality — I’m right and you’re wrong, and I’m so right, you’re evil — in hypocrisy, how people can change their tune 180 degrees depending on whether they get the long end of the stick out of it or not, and in the polarization of human consciousness where all ten people looking at the same thing cannot agree upon what they see, and they have no common solutions.

It’s really the second paradigm that’s the problem. In the new Holy-O Earth, our political process is going to the sixth paradigm of shared agreement and having positive feelings as a result of experiences in life with others. It will be very pleasant.

Will it move that way quickly or will it be a long process going from the second to the sixth?
No, not right away, because the Armageddon and the Rapture will happen before that, and that’s going to clear a lot. We’ve got a few more years to go through this. We’ve gotten Goddess Consciousness integrated into the Earth grid and that brown ray is now fixed, so that the core of the root chakra and the inner Earth can be integrated with it. So we’ve got a year from September for more of this purge to go through, and things that are resisting it and have resisted it so far will be crumbling and going through their purge. It won’t be pretty, but if you have understanding of how necessary it is, it’s tolerable.

And it’s expected, right? Over the next year you would expect more things to fall apart and crumble away.
Exactly. And more people will ascend because of it. It will open people’s minds and hearts. You can only resist this for so long.

So, with all the energetic mechanics out there working on all of this, you have to feel pretty good overall.
I feel great. It’s one of the perks of getting to do this. I get to stay on the cutting edge of higher consciousness, but I also get to purge first. Having a sacred gift does not excuse me from cleaning up my human conditions. I have to clean up my mess like everyone. I just get to do it first, and thank the Lord that I’m always on my A game when I go work somewhere. I’m loving it and I feel really good about where things are headed. I’m going to make it as easy as possible on people, but if they show up and participate it would help them out a lot.

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