COVID-19: A Time to Relax, Reset and have Gratitude


The coronavirus pandemic has left so many of us feeling stressed, worried and anxious. In a time where there is much unknown and unclear, taking miracle-minded steps could be just what we need to stay well and relieved.

Miracle-minded management (MMM) offers a completely different way to look at what’s occurring in today’s world. It is a shift in perception, a correction of the mind — described in A Course in Miracles. Rather than seeing life through the lens of fear and resistance and doubt (also known as the ego thought-system), we view everything with an open mind and an open heart. We can begin to see beyond the perceived threat and trauma to the wisdom of the ages. Perhaps what is seen as negative through the ego’s eyes is here for a reason, a positive reason. Perhaps what we are witnessing, and even suffering from, is a blessing in disguise. Imagine what this might mean with the coronavirus?

A few notes to contemplate from a miracle-minded perspective:

• This perceived threat is giving us time to relax. How often do we hear people say they have no time to relax, no time to sit quietly and read a good book, or be with people they love? How often do people use busyness as an excuse to push off healthy practices like meditation, contemplation, prayer and exercise?

• This perceived threat is challenging us to reset — to step back and examine our priorities. How often do people overlook the most important things in life, like relationships, because they are so preoccupied with meaningless distractions? Maybe this virus is giving us all a chance to reboot our minds, our operating systems. How ironic is that? It takes a global virus to delete the faulty programs running in our minds.

• This perceived threat is elevating our awareness. How often do we take for granted simple things like warm hugs, friendly handshakes, open gyms and stocked grocery stores? Is this a global lesson in awareness? Will this life-threatening experience teach us to be more mindful of one another and the incredible, prosperous world we share?

• This perceived threat is reminding us of simplicity. How often do we hear people complain about how complicated things are? We don’t have enough time to do things we don’t need to do. We don’t have enough space for things we don’t need. We just need more and more and more. Our lives have become so complex and overwhelming we have lost sight of just how simple things can be. Hmm, could this virus be a cleansing of sorts, an opportunity for us to let go of the many things we don’t really need?

• This perceived threat is teaching us appreciation. You know that job you often complain about or the income that never seems to be enough. How does it feel to be without it? And what about the customers who never seem gracious enough? How do you like doing business without them? Is it possible we are all getting a painful lesson in gratitude?

• This perceived threat is a lesson in patience. Who knows when this will end? Unlike standing in line at the airport or waiting in traffic, we are now surrounded by ambiguity. What’s going to happen? How are we going to deal with this? What if I get sick? Who is going to help me? Guess what? Life is full of uncertainty and it’s been that way for a while. Maybe it’s time to slow down rather than speed up? Panic and road rage do not help.

• This perceived threat is testing our courage. Ask any successful leader or entrepreneur what it takes to be successful and you will no doubt hear the word courage. We always have a choice. We can choose fear, or we can choose faith. We just can’t choose both at the same time. They are mutually exclusive thought-systems. The ego mindset is fear-based and dualistic in nature, meaning divisive — right vs. wrong, win vs. lose, good vs. bad, us vs. them. The miracle-mindset is love-based, with a capital L. This means it is sacred, fearless, unconditional, eternal, inspiring (“in-Spirit”), contemplative and beyond duality. It recognizes the beauty and harmony and balance in the yin and yang. Everything happens for a reason, a positive reason. When we learn to approach life with this perspective, we call more peace, harmony, and balance into our lives. Fear calls for the opposite, for more of what we fear. So, what does it take to transcend this ego thought-system? Courage: the heartfelt strength to let go of doubt and embrace the Love that gives us life.

• This perceived threat is teaching us respect — for our planet, for our elders, for one another, for our bodies, for our health-care providers, and for the many things we often take for granted. Ironic as it may seem, maybe this virus is cleansing our environment by slowing down toxic emissions and eliminating unnecessary activity and waste. Who knows? Maybe there is a silver lining. Maybe there is some virtue to this virus?

Sometimes, it takes a certain amount of suffering before people are ready to challenge the ego and open to the Truth. Before jumping mindlessly on the fear bandwagon, consider using this significant time in our history to renew yourself with fresh insights and a positive attitude. Collectively, when we unite as one and embrace the emotion of Love, there is nowhere for disease to land.

Please join me in exercising miracle-minded management to eliminate this global crisis. Be well and be safe.

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