Fads, Facts and Judgment


Our relationship with food is perhaps the most important relationship in our lives, because our health and our lives depend on us having a healthy relationship with food. We choose to make food either our medicine or our poison. Since we’re all individuals with individual health concerns and possible issues, we have to determine for ourselves what works for us — individually.

Many of us choose to lead a healthy lifestyle, yet judge others because they don’t make the same choices. We have different bodies, different reactions and different concerns. For instance, many people have food allergies to foods that are typically considered healthy. Fish is considered good for brain and heart health, but it can be deadly if consumed or even smelled in the air by someone who suffers from fish allergies.

There are many anti-inflammatory foods, such as garlic, onions, turmeric etc. There are many foods high in vitamins C, which is amazing for our immune system, including oranges, strawberries and kiwi. We all know water is great for our bodies.

Do not take too much of the foods and drinks that our bodies need on a regular basis. Our bodies all have different chemistry and some of us can handle a lot of a good thing, while other bodies require a much more balanced diet. People who have digestive issues and food allergies tend to require a very balanced diet. We should always strive to have meals that embody every color of the rainbow, but some people whose bodies are more sensitive need much more of a balance.We just have to listen and we will discover what our specific needs are.

Many people consider a diet that is a lifeline for some to be a “fad” diet. Jennifer Lawrence stated, “Gluten free is the new eating disorder.” She’s not alone in her ignorance. Many medical staff feed gluten to patients who suffer from celiac disease, and many of the patients accept it. It gives the wrong message, that gluten free is a fad diet. Actually, if someone who suffers with celiac disease consumes gluten, they will be fortunate if they do not suffer and/or die.

We can always do our own research, take classes, hire a nutritionist or simply listen to our bodies and discover what they are telling us. Your diet doesn’t have to mimic the diet of the health guru you met at hot yoga class or the diet of the health nut writer whose article you just read. Your diet should be what your body needs it to be. Note, I have never said what your taste buds prefer. What we were raised eating might not be the best for our health. Choose to eat clean, healthy food — specifically what your body reacts well to.


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